Wake Your Spirit Up Again and Be Real

Wake Your Spirit Up

Your spirit is there to help you to be who you are, and this is what helps you to grow and to be the best that you can be. Your spirit allows you to be your real self and even though you have a strong spirit, there are things in your life that distract you and can cause you to be stressed or frustrated.

We all have feelings that cause us to be upset and sometimes we don’t even realize why. When you have messages that come to you to calm you or to help you to wake up, it can be your spirit wanting to show you something new.

The more peace that you have in your life, the better you can feel. When you experience different things, you will see that your life grows layers, and the layers consume you or can cause you to fill your life with fear and pain and this is what comes to your mind.

You need to begin to ask yourself questions and get rid of the mental layers that you are holding on to. Asking questions will help you to connect with your spirit. Here are some great questions to ask:

Who Am I?

When you don’t know what to do with your life and you feel that your emotions are taking over your life, you find that the circumstances you face will seem to make you who you are. Think about those things and figure out who you are. You have been here since birth, and you are who you are. No matter what you want to believe, you are stronger than you know, and you are not less than what you think.

You are more than your emotions and your situations. Remember that nothing is permeant, and you can see things changing around you. You can get rid of things such as your anger and you can learn to allow yourself to figure out who you are.

The layers that you have in your life will help you to figure out who you are. Learn to understand these things and learn to wake up.

What Should I let Go of?

The question can help you to learn to let go of things that are blocking your life. There are things that you will experience that will cause you to be emotional and this will cause you to have problems.

Learn to say goodbye to things and learn to let go of your feelings and release them. Do not get yourself upset or beat yourself up for things that have happened. Let go of the guilt you feel and let go of these emotions. When you ask yourself what to let go of, you can talk to your spirit and see what makes you unhappy.

If you have a job that you don’t like or are in a bad relationship, learn to let go of these things and learn to wake yourself up. Let your expectations go and learn to figure out what life has for you. Some things that you are holding on to will cause you to punish who you are.

Let go of things that you want in your life and that are causing you to have a burden. Get rid of these things and let go so that they do not have a hold on you. Let your spirit have the space it needs to grow.

Do I Have an Open Mind?

The things that you have in your mind and your beliefs are things that you have experienced. You have the right to move in whatever direction in your life that you want to live.

The spirit will not judge you for what you choose, and you need to have an open mind when you decide to make a move. Learn to be open and learn to expose yourself to things that are good for you. Let go of things that are painful in your life.

Find new skills and learn to live and think about things that you need to do. Stop being stubborn and learn to take care of your spirit being. Be open and willing to do the right things in your life.

What Would I Do if I Were a Child?

Embrace your inner child and learn to do things that are exciting and kind. Do don’t let your adult view cause you to be fearful and to worry about what to do but be real and do things like a child would do.

Regard yourself as someone that is human and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Find things that you love to do and do them. Be innocent and allow your youthfulness to come out. Be willing to connect with others and to allow yourself to be wild sometimes.

Who Do I Serve?

Figure out who you serve and learn to ask questions. Ask your mind what you should do and how you can connect. Figure out how you should act and what you should do. Have compassion and be kind and loving. Set boundaries for your life and learn to sacrifice yourself to help others.

Figure out your actions that you need that can help you to be a better person and remember who you are. Let the universe serve you but serve the universe first. Allow your spirit to have love and to connect with others.

You live in a time where things are hard, but you have to stop letting your ego control you. Have an open mind and allow your spirit to be awakened.