Having a Healthy Life Despite Karmic Relationships

Having Healthy Sex and Good Karmic Relationships

If you have ever been in a relationship with someone that seemed like you were instantly attracted to them or where your bond is so strong that it feels like a magnet, chances are that you are in a karmic relationship. Karmic relationships can be amazing but at the same time they can be full of pain and hurt.

The phrase “karmic relationship” is not something that is scientific or clinical, it is just a saying that has to do with relationships that are full of passion but are hard to stay in. These relationships most likely will not last, and they are meant to be a learning experience for people that go through them.

Karmic relationships are often seen as negative, but the truth is, without karmic relationships, your soul would never grow. This is the way that you can figure out who you are and figure out what you want in life. This is a way that you can grow.

Being in a karmic relationship means that you learn things about yourself that you have never even known and in a karmic relationship, when you walk away from one, you are a better person than when you started.

How Karmic Relationships Happen

More than likely, you will already be deep into your relationship before you realize that it is a karmic relationship. This is likely a relationship that starts and stops repeatedly and a relationship that is hard to get away from but is very painful at times.

Both you and your partner will be together until there is more damage than there should have been and even though both will know that the partner is not right for them, it will be hard to let each other go.

A karmic relationship is an instant connection and when you feel completely drawn to someone or you feel that they are part of your destiny, when things do not work out, it can be hard for you to know or understand the flaws in the relationship.

A karmic relationship does not just start and end with one person, but you will go through these relationships until you really learn your lessons.

Signs of Being in a Karmic Relationship

Being able to know if you are in a karmic relationship can be hard, especially if you are in the middle of one. There are some things that you can look for when you are in a relationship to know if you are in a karmic relationship or not.

Ups and Downs

One of the biggest signs that you are in a karmic relationship is that the relationship brings out emotions that you have never had. It causes you to have strong emotions and even a small argument can cause you to blow up.

All relationships have good times and bad times, but a karmic relationship is more emotional than most.


Karmic relationships make people codependent on each other. One person seems to not be able to live without the other and you will find that you are addicted to this person, and you cannot resist them no matter what you do.

One Side of the Relationship

Karmic relationships are ones that are not healthy for the couple. One person will always be putting everything into the relationship while the other person is not putting in their part.

Worry and Fear

Relationships should be full of peace and love and when you find that you have worry and fear or you are afraid that the relationship will end, this is probably a karmic relationship.

Why Do Karmic Relationships Happen?

Karmic relationships happen because you are meant to learn how to heal and how to become a better person. These relationships help you to grow and they help you to become your better self before you leave the earth.

Karmic relationships are often from your past life and when you have these strong relationships with people, this is a relationship that will leave you feeling scared, fearful, anxious, and more.

A soulmate relationship is one that is meant to be a happy relationship, and this is different than a karmic relationship. You have to learn your lesson in your karmic relationship so that you can move on in life and go through your awakening.

As you learn your lessons, you will see that your karmic relationship was hard and painful, but you will also see that you have reached a peaceful place in your life. Your soul is there to teach you a lesson and it is something you have to go through to grow.

Getting Out of Karmic Relationships

When you are in a relationship, it is always hard to walk away. Being in a relationship that is not healthy or is abusive or hurtful is still hard to walk away from, but you need to do it.

Have the strength to walk away and learn your lesson along the way. Allow yourself to grow and figure out what kind of value that you have. You must know your value when you make the decision to move out of this situation because this is how you learn your lesson and how you learn to have a better life.

Relationships that are karmic happen because of things in your past life that were full of conflict. These relationships are toxic to you and if you get out of it, do not rush into a new relationship right away but take time to learn from it.

Learn from your lessons and break free from your karmic relationship. You have seen that this relationship is painful but learn to walk away without anger or resentment.

Talking with Your Karmic Partner

Make sure that you create a place where you can have a healthy conversation with your karmic partner. This can be a positive thing and can allow you to have changes that are more positive.

Try not to have judgement and to convict each other. Use your words to explain why you are ready to walk away and be honest with them.


Being in a karmic relationship is something that many people have to experience in their life. This is something that you will never forget no matter what other relationships come in and out of your life.

Your lesson will be painful but as you move forward in your life, you will see that you can have a healthy relationship and that you can move forward from this karmic relationship with healing and hope.