Wanting Him Back After Infidelity

Wanting Him Back After Infidelity

Are you with someone that cheated on you and even though he has apologized you don’t feel like you can be that forgiving or welcoming? Or are you someone that wants him to beg you for forgiveness so that you can feel like taking him back?

How to Make Him Want You Back After Infidelity

Here are some ways that he might want you back after cheating on you:

  • Making Him Jealous

Games can be bad in a relationship but if you want him to really want you back, one way is for him to be jealousy. If you feel like he hasn’t suffered enough and you want to make sure that he doesn’t do it again, here are some ways that you can make him feel a little jealous and want you back:

  • Dress nicer.
  • Get a different look.
  • Make men notice you.
  • Post pictures of you and your male friends together.
  • Be Hard to Get

Playing hard to get can give him a chance to win you over but he will have to work at it, giving you the upper hand. If he texts you, don’t respond immediately and make him wait. You can also act like you are ignoring him.

  • Find Out What He Desires

Men have desires that they want to be met. Sometimes men focus on things that they want, and this can end up causing them not to commit which can hurt their partner.

Men have a drive for things that they want and once you are able to figure out what drives him, chances are he will come back for you and beg you to take him back. One thing that men want is to be a hero. This is called the hero instinct and it is a concept that shows what men want in the relationship.

The hero instinct is a need that men have to need to be a hero to their partner. This is part of their instincts, and this is part of the male biology. You can make him feel like he is a hero to you by saying the right things and showing him that you need him.

  • Show Him Your Attraction

You might doubt that you are even attractive if your partner has cheated on you. If you are feeling doubtful about what you look like, stop showing your doubts and make your partner see that you like how you look, even if you don’t. Here’s how:

  • Change your hairstyle or hair color.
  • Find clothes that make your body shape look good.
  • Look at how you carry yourself and show confidence.
  • Don’t Wait Forever

You can offer your ex a deadline to fix things. When you do this, it can make them feel that there is an urgent need to fix things. Here is what he will do if he feels an urgency:

  • He will try to do the right thing.
  • He will want to get you back.
  • He will change so that you can see he cares.
  • He will prove that he is sorry.
  • Live Your Best Life

One of the things that you can do that will make your ex want you back is to show him that you are living your best life. Instead of acting sad and depressed, you need to show him that you have friends, that you have hobbies and that you aren’t sitting around doing nothing.

Men want a woman that is independent, and they want to see that you are able to live your own life. Once they see that you are doing it with other people though, this can cause them to want you back.

  • Try to Understand Why He Cheated

Show your partner that you want to understand why he cheated and what you did to push him away. By doing this, you can get answers as to why he hurt you. This can also allow you to show him how much you love him.

If he sees that you’re willing to listen without blaming him or being angry, he will want to come back to you.

Relationships After Infidelity

There are some relationships that can be fixed after infidelity. You might need to work hard to get the relationship back where it was, but it can happen.

Why Do Men Cheat?

Men have different reasons for cheating and if you have a man that has cheated on you, here are some reasons that he might cheat again:

  • He has a sexual addiction.
  • He doesn’t value you.
  • He is immature.
  • He wants women to give him attention.
  • He has no self-esteem.
  • He feels good about himself when he cheats.

What Happens After He Cheated?

There are things that you can do to make him want you back after he cheated but there will have to be changes that take place when he comes back. Make sure that you are helping him to get rid of his emotional walls and that he is being open to you.

Once he decides that he wants to come back, make sure that he is committed to you and that he is willing to work hard to make things work this time.