What Are I Ching Psychics?

What Are I Ching Psychics?

The I Ching, pronounced “ee ching”, is also known as the Book of Changes, which is an ancient Chinese text. I Ching is thought to date back as far as 3000 to 2000 BCE, which likely makes it the oldest method in the world of divination and guidance from the spiritual realm. I Ching has long been consulted as an oracle for predicting the future. The method is just as profound and useful today as it was at the time it was developed.

The I Ching is made up of 64 possible combinations of hexagrams, which are six-line symbols imprinted on small tokens, most typically coins. Each line is either broken, which represents yin, or unbroken, which represents yang. Every one of the hexagrams stands for a number. Each number has its own unique meaning.

During the session, the client, or “querent,” will focus their thoughts on a question or situation, while the I Ching psychic tosses the tokens several times. The psychic then interprets the messages that were communicated on the tokens through the combinations of hexagrams.

Questions to Ask I Ching Psychics

The best questions to ask a psychic during an I Ching reading are the more open-ended and general type, rather than questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” The questions you could ask include, but are not limited to:

  • What should I focus on to maximize my personal potential?
  • How can I change my relationships with my children for the better?
  • Why do I struggle to connect with my partner, and what can I do about that?
  • What does the spiritual realm desire for me to know about?
  • How does my potential love interest feel towards me?

When to Set Up an I Ching Reading with a Psychic

I Ching readings are so special because of their simplistic nature and their long and storied history. Because of its ancient roots, the method delivers a sense of profound insight and wisdom from the very origins of the spiritual realm. If you’re seeking answers and want to feel safe, balanced, calm, and divinely guided, you should schedule a session with a psychic for an I Ching reading.

Preparing for an I Ching Psychic Reading

As with any other psychic reading, try to be in a relaxed mental, emotional, and physical state, which will clear your energy field and allow the psychic to easily connect with your personal energy frequency. Spend a few moments before your session centering yourself and meditating on the questions that you’d like answers to.

Focus on taking controlled, deep, full breaths, which will slow down your brain waves and your heart rate. This will further assist the psychic as they connect with you. During your reading, focus on just one issue at a time, so the hexagram combinations can address each concern in the best way possible.

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