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I-Ching is an ancient form of wisdom designed to deliver answers and achieve calm, balance, safe, and guided life journeys.

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    I have studied at the Psychic Arts at UCLA and Berkley Institute of Psychics in California. I've been working in the psy....


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    I'm a master love psychic with 40 years of experience. Call today!

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    Hello! I am Abigail, a third-generation psychic clairvoyant.

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Get Real I-Ching Psychic Readings

I-ching is an ancient form of Chinese divination and advice. This practice is based on ancient practices that have been passed down in texts for generations. I-Ching practitioners use a series of hexagrams to give answers to the questions you ask.

During an I-Ching reading, your reader will tune into your energy and focus on the question you have asked. The hexagrams will provide a message through the spiritual world and your subconscious.

I-Ching can be used to answer specific questions, to gain insight into life’s bigger plan, and to provide guidance for decisions you need to make.

What is I-ching based on?

I-Ching is based on an ancient Chinese text that means book of changes. Sticks are thrown that make one of 64 hexagrams, each with its own meaning. The Chinese concept of ying and yang play heavily in the practice of I-Ching.

What are some of the benefits of I-ching?

One of the benefits of this practice is that it provides a straightforward answer to your question. Ask a question, get a hexagram, and you have your answer.

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