What Does a Pink Aura Mean?

Pink Aura

Has anyone ever looked at you and said, “wow, what an aura you have?” The aura is energy that surrounds you outside of your body and the energy is colored. It draws in energies and emotions from the world around you. You can tell when you are lacking energy or when you’re upset by the shade of your aura. A dark aura can mean negativity.

Think of the aura as a shield of energy. This energy will be part of every living thing. Human energy works with the universe and other energies include energy of animals and of plants.

When you start to feel different in your health or your emotions, your aura color will change. You could be dealing with sickness, a breakup or having negative thoughts. This can include positive things too such as positive thoughts, great changes and more.

If you are going through your spiritual enlightenment, you will also have a change in your aura. Blocked chakras can change the color of your aura and if you have blocked chakras you need to cleanse your aura.

Pink Aura Meaning

Auras are found in all different colors and then different shades. Each has a meaning, and the pink aura can mean that you are compassionate, creative, sensitive, romantic, and full of love.

Spiritual Idea Behind a Pink Aura

The color of your aura will tell you what your personality is and what you are feeling. The emotions that you have in your mind, body, and soul affect this. Pink is one of the best colors because it means you are loyal, loving, sensitive, kind, free, creative and you are just overall happy.

Pink is a lighter color of red which also works with your root chakra which is found at the bottom of the spine, and this can mean you are passionate and secure. A pink aura means that you dominate your feminine energy.

The Heart Chakra and a Pink Aura

Pink auras work with the heart chakra. This can mean that you are caring and loving, full of joy and compassion and you love other people including your relationship. A pink aura can mean that your heart chakra is open and that you are able to love others freely.

Personality and Pink Auras

Those that are in healing professions or those that are creative usually have a pink auras. There are different shades that can mean different things like peace, but it can also have a negative meaning. This can mean you are unpredictable and that you are flighty or that you are always looking for unconditional love even when situations aren’t healthy for you.

Pink is an aura color that is rare, and most people aren’t sensitive enough to keep a pink aura for long. You have to make sacrifices to keep your values high and when you do you can be successful.

Pink auras can also mean:

  • Loving.
  • Strong imaginations.
  • Good spirits.
  • Strong self-discipline.
  • Psychic gifts.
  • Strong relationships.
  • Unconditional love.
  • Support.

You might have people around you that want to be there because of your strong love for them. This can also show through your creativity and your inspiration for people. Pink auras normally have string intuition and are able to lift their moods when painting or creating.

Shades of Pink Auras

Pink, like other colors, comes in different shades. Pink can have white, red, black, blue, gray, and other colors that change the shade. Here is what the different shades can mean about who you are:

  • Bright Pink Aura

This color can mean a vivid color and means you are sensitive and compassionate. You love yourself and you are loyal to those that you love. You are serious about committing to others.

This is a color that is balanced, and you are likely grounded, meditate often, are creative, have a good sleeping pattern and are organized.

  • Baby Pink Aura

This aura is a lighter colored pink, and it might mean you aren’t as grounded as you should be. Even though you are connected to the spiritual world, you might lack in making your gifts stronger. You might have clairaudience which means you can hear into the spiritual world.

Don’t disconnect form your relationships and let your inner self guide you.

  • Magenta Pink Aura

This aura is a rare aura, and it has blue and red. This is someone that is artistic, independent, big personalities and someone that will do what it takes to get things done no matter what. They will attract positive energy and people give them lots of attention.

  • Dark Pink Aura

This pink aura has touches of gray in it and this means that you might be dishonest or immature. You are needing to be sensitive more and to use your imagination to help you to live a better life. This can also mean you are manipulative.

  • Friendships and a Pink Aura

This color can mean that you have people close to you in your life. You are romantic and you have good relationships that are natural. You are able to make good decisions.

People are drawn to this color aura, and you are someone that is positive and compassionate. You are loyal and you are people that will create things and be sociable and committed. People that know you are lucky to be your friend.

  • Jobs and a Pink Aura

People with a pink aura will be in healing jobs such as therapists, healers, beauticians, and other creative jobs. They like to write, dance, teach and more.

Aura Reading

Do you want to know more about your aura? You can get a reading with a psychic. Find out if your aura is pink, gray, red or more. Use the energy around you to help you to be the best that you can be.

Learn more about your aura energy and get a reading that can reveal a lot about your life, personality and more.