What is a Red Aura?

Red Aura

Every living thing has an aura around them. This is a magnet that draws in the emotions and feelings of things around them. This can be full of positive and full of negative energy. The aura can change depending on your personality and each color has a different meaning.

What is a Red Aura

A red aura is one that can mean passion and intimacy. Passion can be fueled in different ways and can have different meanings. This has a lot to do with your goals and your life purpose.

Red Aura and the Root Chakra

In order to really understand an aura, you have to understand that the color of the auras relates to the color of the chakras that you have inside of you. Red is the color of the first chakra or the root chakra. This is a chakra that works with the spine and the coccyx and has to do with emotional and physical balance.

Red Aura and Personality

You will have a lot of strength when it comes to your aura. This means that you are courageous and that you are successful both in your relationship and in your career. You are a natural leader, and you are rewarded for your dominance.

A person with this personality is one that is able to stay focused and not to focus on trouble. Red is something that is strong and that sometimes can get angry, but they are also entertaining.

Red energies are egotistical sometimes and they manifest both hate or love depending on what is going on. They can do this because of their deep passion. They live in the moment, and they are intense. The energy can be both positive and negative.

Shades of Red Auras

Red auras come in different colors of red and they can be dark or light. This has to do with the personality traits and what is going on around you as well:

  • Muddy Red Aura

A red aura that is muddy will have gray in it and this makes the aura darker. This is a negative thing, and it can mean that you are angry or that you are dealing with things that are keeping you from reaching your goals. It can also mean you are angry or violent or anxious.

  • Bright Colored Red

A bright red aura is one that can mean positivity. It can mean that you are compassionate and sensual. You might have orange and red in your aura, and this can mean that you’re loving and sensitive.

Love and Red Auras

Love, passion, and sexual desires work well for someone with a red aura. This is someone that loves to explore their intimacy and one that will have lust and desire for other people. They love the people in their lives, and they make the best friends. Once you are friends with a red aura you are someone that is powerful and someone that won’t separate or leave you.

Notice if you start feeling jealous or if you are at a point where you need to communicate better. Express your feelings and if you get in a foul mood, change this before it ruins your relationships.

Having a red aura can be an exciting thing and it gives people the freedom to be balanced and to love life. This is a color that is self-sufficient and loves who they are. This can be both a positive and a negative situation depending on how you handle it.

Careers and a Red Aura

Red auras are great at jobs that are business like. They are great lawyers, politicians, sales people, and athletes. They are also great in military or as managers.

Red Colored Auras

There are many different red colored auras, and this can include colors such as:

• Orange.
• Indigo.
• Violet.
• Green.
• Blue.
• Brown.
• Magenta.
• Pink.
• Brown.

Finding Your Aura Color

You can find out what your aura color is by talking to a psychic. They will be able to tell you how your aura relates to your personality and your life.