What Does a Purple Aura Mean?

Purple Aura

You can think of your aura as an energy shield that surrounds you. This is something that is around anything that is living including the universe itself. The aura affects the energy that you have, and the aura is made of different colors.

People can have a change in their aura when something is going on negatively or positively in their spirit or body. This can reflect their emotions and it can cause them to have an aura that is darker or muddy, which means something like sickness, or it can be brighter which means that you have been through your spiritual awakening, or you are growing and bettering yourself. Different colors of your aura work with your chakras such as the third eye or the solar plexus chakra.

Purple Aura Meaning

A purple aura is a spiritual aura. It is one that can mean something deep and spiritual and being on a journey. People will have different shades of their aura color, and this can mean something different depending on that. The purple aura can mean positivity and it can be something mysterious. Those that have a lighter or darker purple will be people that are able to reach into their feelings and to recognize what is going on in their lives.

The purple aura is one of the most spiritual aura colors and it can mean that someone is always on their spiritual journey or connected to mysticism. This means that they are strong and love who they are.

Purple Aura Traits

People that have a purple aura are able to pick up the energies of those around them. They will know when someone is afraid or what someone is thinking without being told. They can tell when someone is intense or if someone is hurting. They have strong empathy, and they are probably psychic. This is someone that will be sensitive but also someone that probably doesn’t share their own feelings with others.

This person is kind to a point where people will manipulate them. They have to set boundaries so that this doesn’t happen. No matter what they do, it is positive and kind even if others don’t see it. You might struggle with setting boundaries, and this might cause you to stay quiet when people hurt you or when people are malicious.

Those with this color aura love to explore things and they are also spiritual and sensitive. This can mean that they will want to be around people that are suffering to help them or that they are people that will get overwhelmed and just want to be alone. This can also be people that stick to themselves even though making friends with other people is easy for them. If you do make friends with this color aura, chances are that you will be too emotional, and it can cause people to run away from you and so it is important to keep your gifts in check when dealing with other people.

Love and a Purple Aura

Those that have this aura color will often struggle with love and having forever friends. They are so mystical, and they overwhelm people strongly. Their powers can cause people to feel intimidated and it can make it hard for people to get to know them. This aura color will be one that has to have boundaries on their emotions and those that have this aura color will often have very small circles that might only consist of family members.

Knowing how hurt people can be by the things that you do is a good things because it can help you to make sure that you are being kind and that you aren’t saying or doing too much. You might also be someone that is lustful which can end up breaking your heart.  You might be someone that likes to create thing and you need to focus on having growth for yourself and taking care of you.

Careers and a Purple Aura

You likely have a desire to help people and so this is a good trait when you work in a helping career. You will be a natural humanitarian, and this means you need to serve others and serve animals. You might be someone that hates to be around drama and as an empath you will know that you are doing good for others.

Since this is a person that is probably mysterious this can be someone that shows a lot of caring, honesty and sensitivity. They are also people that are often sacrificial of what they want because they are always giving to others. This can lead to burnout and can cause you to want to withdraw from society for a while.

There will be some friends that you meet over your lifetime that will support your gifts and will be someone that you can trust. Use your instincts to help you to know when you have met these people. If you work in a place that leaves you feel upset, leave that career because it is negative for you. But if you can’t leave, make sure that you spend a lot of time cleansing your aura so that you can have peace in your life.