What Does a White Aura Mean?

White Aura

Everything from people to plants have an aura. This is an energy shield that surrounds your body. This is seen by some that can see auras and it can tell a lot about what is going on in your life. This is normally a spiritual tradition. Auras have different colors, and some people have multiple colors. The colors each have their own traits.

The auric field is one that is influenced by what is going on in your mind, body, and soul. When you are living a positive life, such as being kind and caring and loving, your aura might be brighter but when things are negative, such as past life attachments, it can cause your aura to be darker.

White Aura Meaning

The color white in an aura is one that shows your health both mental and physical. What is going on in your life at the time will reflect the color of your energy. A white aura is one that represents someone that is pure. You will see that there can be a pure white, but it can also be a white that is muddy. White can have many meanings though and both of the meanings can be going on a journey and a beginning.

People that are just born will often have a white aura and this means they are pure and innocent. They might not have a strong connection to things like the materials around them and so when this happens, they haven’t faced hardships yet and this makes them pure. Adults can have a pure white aura too but most of the time it can get murky over time. A white aura can be someone that is giving and true.

Understanding a White Aura

A white aura is significant, but it is also significant because it is attached to your chakras. Chakras are the energy wheels that spin in your body and are part of your life force. This word chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. There are seven main chakras in the body from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head and this is where you have your energies.

An aura is also an energy, and it relates to pure light. White is one of the rarest colors of the aura and it means you have a strong spirituality.

White Aura and the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is found at the top of your head, and this is where you can reach your higher self. When your aura is white, it helps you to be closer to the spiritual world. You will have a conscious mind that protects you and keeps you closer to your higher self. It can also mean you are wise and self-aware.

White is also one that is associated with healing, and it is one that can get rid of negative energy. People that have this color aura are protective and they defend others that are weak. A white aura is also bright, and it can look like it is glowing, and this can mean that you don’t let corruption in your life. You probably also have healing properties and a divine connection.

If your aura is murky though, this can mean that you are always self-sacrificing, and you aren’t taking care of your mind, body, or soul.

Personality Traits of a White Aura

Most of the time a white aura doesn’t mean that you are an empath, but you will likely have a lot of empathy for others. Those that need something will often be drawn to you. If someone is struggling, you will probably be one that allows them in. Unlike an empath that can tell if someone is fake, a white aura doesn’t mean that you will be able to have this knowledge.

You might have strong spiritual beliefs, but you also might want to know more about the meanings of the spirit world. You might be guarded by angels because of the color of your aura and when you invest in communicating with them then you will see that they can help you.

It is important that you are honest, loyal and you don’t do bad things. This color means being selfless and it can shift as you grow and change. Once you are no longer an infant that is innocent, you can have an aura color that isn’t as resistant to the energies around you.

What to do with a White Aura

Having a white aura can mean that you aren’t someone that can know the real intentions of others. This means that you can be manipulated or be tricked. It can also mean that you don’t deal with reality as well and it can lead to you being closed-minded.

A white aura can mean that you are pure and that you fight against negativity. It can mean you are hypersensitive and that you are determined to help those in need. This means that you can make a great friend or a great partner to someone, but you have to make sure that you are living up to your calling and you aren’t being selfish.

Being innocent can mean that you are dependent on others to help you get there and this can mean that you will need to protect yourself from negativity and evil. White auras are good, and they want to be around good.

Love and a White Aura

Those that have a white aura make great friends and love comes easy for them. They have morals and they don’t want to be around people that aren’t going to be helpful or loyal. They want to be with people that reach their higher self and have inner peace.

A negative trait of a white aura is that these people often feel that they are being judged or they feel guilt if they don’t think they do enough. They will see the world through a different lenses, and they will feel that they are responsible for everything in life. They will be people that want to have a higher power and they get frustrated easily.

It is important that you look at a relationship with the idea of being close to people and if you expect to have pure love, you might need to be with someone that acts like you do. It can be hard to enter a relationship with someone with a white aura because they are pure, and they want people to love them. This means they are often abused, and they are deceived easily.

When they are treated poorly, it can cause their aura color to darken, and this is not good. They will do unselfish things to help make the world healed and a better place and you should never try to stop them from doing this.

Career and a White Aura

Those that have a white aura will be best in jobs where they can interact with others. They will need to have this in order to be successful. You most likely will find them in humanitarian jobs where they can help others such as helping people or animals. They will shine through with their personality, and they will have unconditional love for others.

They will most likely never cause problems in their job and they will help those that need help. They will sacrifice to do their job right and they will never regret being kind and caring.

Talking to Someone with a White Aura

Those that have a white aura might look like they are prudish or superior but they truth is that they are being judged poorly. They have a need to bring positive changes, and this means that they don’t like small talk but if you want to talk to them then they want it to be meaningful.

It can be hard to talk to someone with a white aura and if you aren’t loyal and trustworthy then don’t’ waste your time. You need to also have morals. If you are the one with the white aura and you feel negativity after talking to someone, cleanse your aura and get rid of the negativity.

Know Your Aura Color

You can learn more about your aura color by talking to a psychic. You can find out what the shade of your aura is and how it affects your chakras. Rather your aura is a bright white or a muddy white, you have potential to live your best life. Find out more about your aura and what it means.