What Does a Green Aura Mean?

Green Aura

A green aura can mean that you are growing and changing. There are some people that are able to accept change easily, but some people have a hard time with this. The way that the energy works around you can make a difference in how you feel in your life. Your energy will work with the universe to help you to understand yourself better.

Layers of a Green Aura

There are different levels, seven in fact, that a green aura will have. Here is what they can mean for you:

  • Physically: Good healthy, grounded, connected, comfortable.
  • Astral: Emotionally, if muddy, it can mean you have strong emotions or are jealous.
  • Lower: Thoughts, ideas, values, creativity, family, and balance.
  • Higher: Reaching your higher self, having worth and confidence, being comfortable with who you are.
  • Spiritual: Connected with the universe, letting the noise go, meditating, connecting.
  • Intuition: Having peace, patience, and acceptance.
  • Absolute planes: The plane that works with everything else.

Green Aura and Relationships

Having balance and love can keep you grounded especially if you are in a relationship. You love those that are in your life, and you have chosen people that help you to stay relaxed. When problems come, you will spend time talking to your friends to help you solve your problems.

Love is seen as a green color but make sure that you aren’t always the one that is apologizing. Find people that care for you and are creative. Sometimes people get stuck in drama, and this can happen if you are someone that always wants to fix everyone else. Learn to love yourself to protect you so that you can get what you deserve.

There is a darker part of the green aura, and this is someone that is protective of those that they love which can cause them to get jealous. You need to be loyal and creative and not let your clinginess control you.

When you want to find someone that you can be with romantically, find an aura that is yellow or one that is orange. This can be someone creative, outgoing or someone that loves to go on adventures. These are colors that will help you to be creative and help you to find friends and lovers. As you balance yourself, you will have a partner that will help to make up for what you don’t have.

Shades of Green Aura

Green has different shades and even though it means to be balanced, each color is not the same. This can change depending on your shade.

  • Bright Green Aura

A bright green aura like an emerald can mean that you are someone that attracts people. You also might be a healer especially of the lungs or the heart. You might be a doctor or a nurse or someone that is always looking out for everyone else. You probably have strong bonds.

Since green is the color of love, you might see that there are people around you that you love, and you might be a minimalist. If you have something that you love, keep it and if you don’t love it, get rid of it. Don’t spend time on things that don’t make you happy.

Spend time with people that you live with and make memories with them so that you can nurture your aura color. Spend a day hanging out with people that bring you peace and happiness.

  • Yellow Green Aura

Green works with the heart and lungs and yellow can work with the energy and the spleen. People that have aura in these color mixtures are often creative and love life. They like to talk but sometimes they just like to express themselves through things like poetry or music and not to talk at all.

If you are a creative person, you might have this color aura. You might have changes that are coming that will bring you happiness. You can also be drawn to museums and different locations around you.

You need to be creative and spend time studying things or coloring to nurture your aura. Let your mind relax and create something amazing with drawing or some other creation.

  • Forest Green Aura

Forest green auras can be auras that are muddy or dark. This can mean that you are jealous or that you feel that others victimize you. This can also mean that you have been lashing out at others and that even though you are changing, you aren’t being positive about it.

Those that are feeling negative or feeling like nothing goes right in their life will need to imagine that their aura is clearing and getting brighter. Go out for a walk-in nature and think about how amazing the world around you is as you let nature ground you.

Discovering Who You Are

If you have been feeling sluggish or bothered lately, chances are that your aura might be muddy. You can get your aura looking bright and happy by just making a few changes in your life. You can take the positive energy of the color green or yellow and you can become more loving or creative.