What Does Astrocartography Tell You?


Astrocartography is when you can look at the location and the relocation of astrology. This can mean that you are able to map out a location that can make you have energy and can help you to reach the goals that you set.

As you move through your life, you will discover the energies around you. These energies are there to help you live a better life. Maybe you are a college student, and you are in a place that helps you to be able to concentrate on your studies. This can be a place that gives you a study vibe and not something unhelpful.

Astrocartography can also be used when you want to find a new home, when you want to go out on a date or when you want to go on vacation. The energies that you carry are different depending on what you are doing in your life. The energies that you have can work with your natal chart but the location that you choose can make the energies stronger or weaker.

The Ascendant Line

Your Ascendant line is how you find out about who you are. It shows your personality, and it can influence how people see you. If you are someone that is happy then you probably live in a place where the sun shines on your Ascendant line.

This can be a place that makes you feel confident and warm. It can make you feel loved and beautiful. If Saturn is on the same line though, you will have more discipline than other people and you will work hard. Mars on the Ascendant line can mean that you work hard, are a good leader and get what you want. You will have a lot of energy and people will notice you.

The Imum Coeli Line

This is also called the lowest point line. This line can be a place where you decide what kind of family and friends you want to have. If you have Jupiter on this line you will live in a rich neighborhood and you will be blessed with things, you want. This will be good unless you are an athlete and then you want to avoid this line as much as you can.

This line is an active energy line, and it can cause conflict if you need the energy for yourself. It is also a place that is hard to find rest. You will feel that life is easy when the moon is on this line, and it will be a place where you can tune into your emotions.

With Neptune on this line, you will be able to be more spiritual and it can be a place where you can escape to find more money, better locations, and a good life. With the sun on your line, this can be a place you will be happy to vacation with. You will not feel pressured to be successful.

The Descendant Line

This line will impact your relationships. This is a time that you will put in your effort. With Venus on the Descendant line, you will be more attracted to your partner. In business, you will be successful in your finances. If you want to be in a place that is settling, make sure that Uranus isn’t in your life. This could influence your partner to leave you.

Your relationships with the moon in this line will change with the moon. With Mercury in your line, you will be smarter, and you will be able to communicate with people better.

Medium Coeli Line

This is the line that is the highest point. This is when you will have a huge public image and a great reputation. When the sun is in this line, you will attract fame but when Mercury is in this line you will be able to speak well, write good and communicate with others.

When Pluto is in your line, you will have power and you will have people look at you as a threat, but you can get support from law enforcement. This isn’t a place where your heart will feel safe and calm.

What Do Your Lines Say?

The places on the map in Astrocartography can help you to find the right places for you. Look at your date of birth, the place you were born and your time of birth to find out what your astrology tells you. You can talk to your psychic and find out how your desires can make your place of choice better.

Astrology is used in different things in your life. You can talk to someone and find out how the planets change your mood and personality. When you get a reading, let your psychic find out about your natal chart and help you understand your past, present and future.


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