Having Good Karma at Your Job

Having Good Karma at Your Job

No matter what kind of job that you work in it is important to be positive. Having a good job can make you feel positive but even when the job isn’t great, you need to make sure that you are creating positive karma. Creating good karma can help you to be overall successful. When you are honest, a good person and you live a good life, it will give you good karma.

To have good relationships, you need to be positive, and you need to make sure you are being kind and compassionate. This can help you to have good karma in your career.

Be Positive at All Times

When you go to meetings, even if you have grievances, you need to share them in a positive way. Take time in your meetings to share your opinions and that you are talking respectively to your bosses.

Don’t be dominating and don’t put down other ideas that people in the meeting have. By being negative you will have bad karma. Be positive and encourage people around you.

Don’t Gossip

No matter what situation you are in, avoid gossip. Be a nice person and know that gossip can hurt people. By getting rid of gossip, or staying away from it, you are showing respect to those around you.

Even if you don’t like everyone in your office, you need to be kind to them. Don’t talk about people behind their backs and if you have something to say to them, sit them down for a meeting and bring it all up.

Help Others

When someone in your work needs help, put in effort to help them. Show them that you will work as a team, and this will help to make your karma stronger. Let people see how helpful you are, and this will boost your esteem as well.

Celebrate Successes

Celebrate your own success but also celebrate the successes of those around you. Be the cheerleader in the office. Don’t be jealous of other people and learn to find out new things to make yourself smarter.

Organize ways that you can make others happy by doing lunches or by giving out gifts. Celebrate your co-workers and the things that they do that are good.


Use your own career to help people that come into the office as new employees. Be a mentor to new people and let interns come and learn from you. Have things prepared for them, make them coffee, and make them snacks.

Get to know each of your employees and allow the young people to see how the right way to act in a business is. Treat everyone respectfully and they will see that you are a good person.