What Does He Mean?

What Does He Mean?

It can be confusing to know what your partner is saying, especially if you feel that you have to always be reading between the lines. If you are confused, keep reading and find out what your partner might be saying:

What Is Happening?

The guy that you are within your new relationship is smart and has a lot of potential. He is good looking, and he makes you feel like a real lady when he is around. You wonder though if he is going to really want more when he says…

“I am not trying to lead you on…”

What Is He Saying?

He is saying that he wants to have fun with you in the relationship, but he doesn’t want to be responsible. He might not be ready to be in a serious relationship with you but no matter what, you need to guard your heart. He might plan a weekend away with you but then be afraid that he is going to have more feelings for you. This guy isn’t grounded, and he doesn’t know what he wants. He wants to keep distance so that he can have fun but not have to be too serious.

When he says he doesn’t want to lead you on, it means that you need to not think that he is going to actually commit to you. He feels that he is covering everything so that he can love you and then leave you when he is ready, and you won’t have a reason to be hurt. He plans on leading you and that is his intentions. Don’t let his charm fool you because he has already told you that he is not going to be ready to commit to you ever.

What to Do

If this happens to you, you need to either choose to have fun in the relationship or you need to choose to move on and find someone that is right for you. This guy isn’t someone that is going to be marriage type for you because he isn’t going to want to be committed to you.

If you want to just have fun with someone, he seems like the perfect person to grab. He does like you and he thinks you’re sexy but when you keep having sex with this guy then you are shutting the doors on him ever committing to you. It doesn’t mean that he will even if you aren’t having sex with him though.

Don’t be surprised if he isn’t talking to other girls besides you. This is the kind of guy that is often a player, and he likes the women.


Even though he is saying he doesn’t want to lead you on, he is. No matter how passionate the relationship gets, he isn’t ready to commit. You have to choose if you want to go ahead and take the lead and lead him right out of your life.


  1. This article provides a clear analysis of the underlying intentions behind a partner’s ambiguous statements. The explanation that ‘I am not trying to lead you on’ actually means he wants to enjoy the relationship without serious commitment is quite illuminating. It underscores the importance of recognizing when someone is not aligned with your own relationship goals, and it rightly advises taking control of your own emotional well-being by either enjoying the short-term nature or moving on to find a more suitable partner.

  2. This article highlights the need for clear communication and setting expectations early in a relationship.

  3. The analysis seems quite thorough, but it feels very deterministic. People can be complex, and generalizations might not always apply.

  4. Interesting perspective. Emotional self-protection is crucial, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

  5. While the advice is sound, it’s also important to communicate directly with your partner about these concerns.

  6. The article offers a somewhat deterministic view of male intention and female response. While it’s prudent to be cautious in a new relationship, asserting that the man’s intention is to ‘love you and then leave you’ might be an overgeneralization. Relationships are complex and fluid, and people can change their minds and grow. The emphasis should perhaps be on open communication and mutual understanding rather than on assuming the worst about someone’s intentions.

  7. This article provides a refreshing perspective on the nuances of modern relationships. It’s essential to grasp the underlying messages in a partner’s words and actions. The insights here are profoundly helpful for anyone navigating the complexities of romantic connections. Thank you for shedding light on such an important topic!

  8. I appreciate the straightforward explanation. It’s always better to guard oneself and be cautious rather than assuming intentions.

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