Why Get a Past Life Reading?

Past Life

People often wonder what is going on in their life and why they are struggling. They don’t always look into things beyond the physical realm and when there is a lot of suffering it might be an important thing to look into their past life. If you believe in reincarnation, then you believe that people have multiple lives. The things that have happened in your past life can affect who you are and what is going on in your life now. In order to find out what these things are, getting a past life reading can help.

Reincarnation is when someone is born over and over again. The belief is a cycle of birth and death and then it repeats until someone reaches their last stage of this and live in eternal bliss. As new lives form and happen, there are lessons that people learn along the way. When lessons aren’t learned, they can carry over to the next life.

Difference Between Past Life Reading and Past Life Regression

Even though past life readings and past life regression are similar, past life regression is more about what the person wants to know than actually getting a reading. When someone decides to get a past life reading, the psychic will use their powers in order to see what has happened in that persons past life. They are then able to know what has carried on to their present life.

In past life regression therapy, the medium will meditate and will be able to experience their past life again as if they are still living there.

Can a Past Life Reading Help?

Many people believe in reincarnation, and they wonder what is going on in their life that is holding them back. They believe that there are things in their past that could be causing them to have challenges. This is why many people choose to get a past life reading. Those that have done this often feel that they can be more aware of why they make certain decisions and why they live in certain patterns.

Here are some ways that getting a past life reading can help you:

  • Helps you to know who you are and know more about your history.
  • To see patterns or mental blocks that are holding you back. Many people have cycles that never allow them to grow, and they continuously repeat problems.
  • To have healing by connecting with soul families that have come from different lives.
  • To find the soul purpose and what your passions, talents and gifts are.

What Happens in a Past Life Reading?

Getting a past life reading can benefit your life. Some people find that when they talk to a psychic, they can get insight on their life along the way. This kind of professional can help them to understand their emotions and figure out how this is related to their past lives.

Before going to a past life reading, it is important that you write down the questions that you want to ask. Set goals so that you can know what you want to experience and what you want to learn. Here are some steps to having a great past life reading:

  • Set intentions. Before you ever begin your reading, write down your questions and find out what your intentions are for your reading. You might want to learn about your relationships or about your phobias. Write this all down.
  • Stop expecting. Don’t go into a reading with expectations, especially if you’ve never had one before. Go in ready to learn new things and make sure that you are open in your heart and your mind.
  • Work towards healing. The main thing about getting a past life reading is that you are seeking healing for your life. Focus on this and allow yourself t heal and to change. You need to make sure that you are doing self-growth, and you are moving forward.

What Happens After Your Past Life Reading?

After you have had your past life reading you need to make sure that you take time to think about what happened. Reflect on what you went through and what you can do to have healing in your life. If you need to take time to really understand what was said to you, meditate on these things.

Your psychic can give you advice and offer you wisdom on what you experienced. Meditate and talk to a spiritual coach if you want to go further. If the reading showed that you are dealing with a lot of internal pain, you might need to see a spiritual doctor.

Take time to write down what you went through so that you don’t forget any information. If you discovered something new about yourself, make sure that you write it down so that you can dig deeper and you can learn more about how to have healing. This journal should be something personal to you and you should be very detailed.

Be compassionate with yourself if you find out information that isn’t great and don’t judge yourself for the mistakes that you have made. You need to have this kind of compassion for others as well.

Final Thoughts

Getting any kind of psychic reading can be emotional and it can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Don’t be worried about what you will hear or what you experience because in the end this is how you will be able to grow and move forward on your life journey.


  1. While it is tempting to look at past life readings as a way to understand present struggles, we must approach such practices with a healthy level of skepticism. The notion that past lives directly influence current circumstances lacks empirical evidence and risks overshadowing concrete solutions such as therapy, self-improvement, and mindfulness. Placing too much reliance on psychic interpretations can divert attention away from practical and scientifically-backed methods of addressing life’s challenges.

  2. This article presents an enlightening perspective on the concept of past life readings and their potential to offer deep insights into one’s current life challenges. The differentiation between past life readings and past life regression is particularly clarifying, as it underscores the varying approaches and outcomes. It’s intriguing to consider how unresolved lessons from previous incarnations might influence present-day experiences and behaviors. The emphasis on setting intentions and maintaining an open mind during a reading highlights the importance of a receptive and reflective mindset. Overall, this piece provides a comprehensive overview of how past life readings can serve as a tool for personal growth and healing.

  3. The distinction between past life reading and past life regression is something I hadn’t considered before. The idea that a psychic can reveal patterns from previous lives is intriguing, though I’d be curious to see any empirical evidence supporting these claims.

  4. This article provides a fascinating exploration into the concept of past life readings and their potential benefits. The idea that our current challenges could be influenced by experiences from previous incarnations is both intriguing and profound. It makes a compelling case for the introspective value of understanding our past lives, and the practical advice for preparing and reflecting on such readings is exceptionally helpful. Truly a thought-provoking read for anyone interested in the metaphysical dimensions of human existence.

  5. Complete hogwash. The idea that past lives influence our current struggles is just an escapist fantasy. People need to take responsibility for their actions in this life instead of blaming hypothetical previous existences.

  6. The article provides an interesting perspective on how past life readings could potentially offer insights into one’s current struggles. It’s fascinating to consider the possibility of past lives influencing our present experiences.

  7. It’s intriguing how the article elucidates the connection between our past lives and current struggles. I’ve always considered life to be more than just a physical experience, and this reinforces the belief. Insightful read!

  8. I’m interested in the concept of using past life readings for self-growth and healing. While the idea of reincarnation requires a certain belief system, the process described seems like it could be a useful therapeutic tool for some people.

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