What Does it Mean to be a Lightworker?


Lightworkers are people that have a purpose of helping others to heal and to see the world as a good place. They help to raise the vibrational frequencies of the universe and they are often called earth angels, crystal children and more.

Lightworkers are important and here are some signs that you could be one:

Serving Others

You might be someone that has always wanted to help and serve others. You see that no matter what is going on in your life that you have a purpose that is meaningful to you.

You desire to change the world, and no one can stop you.

Talents and Passions

Maybe you are someone that has different talents, but you feel that you aren’t the best at anything. You have many different passions and ideas but none that you stick to remotely.

You might be creative and be able to paint or sing but the things you create come from deep in your soul.

All of the talents that you have make you feel confused, and you don’t know what your real purpose in life is.


You are obsessed with growing and spirituality. You find that all you have time for is to listen to self-help videos, podcasts, watch things on spiritual growth and more.

There are layers of yourself that you are doing away with and you know that you have to do this to be the best you can be.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is important to you and when you want to manifest things in your life, you are able to do this with the Law of Attraction.

You have learned all about it and there isn’t anything you don’t know about it.

Crystal Works

You spend time looking at different crystals and adding them to your collection. You look at the crystals and you know what each of them do.

For some reason, you love healing, and you use your intuition to know what crystal to help you heal others.


Truth is something that is very important to you. You want to know everything that is going on in the world and you are curious about everything.

You know there is so much to life and you look to find the answers to all of it.

Action and Goals

You will do whatever you can to reach your goals and you take action instead of just talking about things.

You are not afraid to try new things and you face your challenges head on.


You know that you are worthy, and you know that you need to heal so that you can grow. You go on your journey so that you can have strength in your life and reach all that you want to do.


Loving others is easy for you. You have unconditional love and compassion for everyone you meet. Even when people are hard you love them.

Sometimes you feel connected to people and this is confusing to you, but your emotions and feelings are strong when you are around these people.

Feeling Different

Being different is something you have always felt. You feel that you need to be alone sometimes to get your energy back. You experience things that people don’t understand and sometimes you don’t know why either.


You find that you can heal yourself and you can heal others. You can use different things such as essential oils, herbs, crystals or other things and you see people get better.

You might have looked for ways that you could help people with their emotions or their physical issues.

Being a Lightworker

If you feel that you are a lightworker, you need to let your skills come through. You need to embrace who you are and make sure that you are healed so that you can grow.

You most likely have been through different challenges and these are probably to wake you up and let you see who you are.

Even if this is new to you, keep pushing forward. Make progress that you need in order to be clearer and to know your purpose. You will see that you can inspire yourself and others to be the best that they can be.