Manifesting Abundance in Your Life

Manifesting Abundance in Your Life

If you want to have abundant manifesting it is important to know that journaling will help you because it has many benefits such as:

  • Giving you mental clarity.
  • Increasing intuition.
  • Mental dexterity.

If you increase your journaling, chances are that you will be able to manifest in your life even faster. You can turn the dreams that you have into something real and not only that, but it is also fun to do.

According to the Law of Attraction, whatever you put into the universe will come back to you. Whatever you are focusing on in your life, it will increase or decrease the frequency in your life.

The universe will respond to you by sending you the same exact kind of energy that you send into the universe.

So, when you focus on negativity, you will get negativity. Stop focusing on the money that you don’t have and learn to take the money that you do have and be thankful for it.

Focus more on your journaling and then you will see that you can increase abundance into your life.

Abundance Manifesting Versus Journaling

Journaling is something that means that you write down what you are feeling or that you write down ideas.

When you journal, it can help to increase your positivity.

The thing is journaling, and abundance manifesting is not the same thing. When you journal, you are writing things down that you want or that you hope to see in the future, but abundance manifesting means that you are thanking the universe for what you have and for what you are going to get.

This is the biggest way to attract things to your life because when you feel something positive and you are hopeful for something happening, you will attract this because the universe knows what you are feeling.

Some people feel that it is wrong to manifest abundance but if you are spiritual, you will see that doing this will bring you peace and happiness in your life.

Does Abundance Manifesting Really Work?

Abundance manifesting does work. You can get the goodness of life to you if you learn to do this. There are things that you can do such as get a better job, get your debt paid off, have a better relationship, get the car or house that you want and more.

How Do You Manifest Good Things in Your Life?

The first thing that you need to do is to have a vision of what you want. Abundance manifesting is best when you know exactly what goals and dreams you have.

Here are some things you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to be closer to your family?
  • What is non-negotiable to you?
  • What does your day look like?
  • When do you get up out of bed?

When you ask these things, you can look at what your goals and dreams are. You can even make a vision board to help you to start your vision.

Write It

Write down in your journal as if you have already manifested what you were asking for. You can say things such as, “When I paid off all of my credit cards, I felt overly joyful.”

Writing how thankful you are for what has happened in your life can help you to get excited and to raise your vibrations.

Allow yourself to really believe what you are writing down. When you write your goals out, do it as if you have already reached them.

Make it a Story

One fun way to manifest abundance is to write it down like you are writing a story. Write it in your journal or your diary.

Talk about how your day was and what happened. Write about what you are thankful for and what you are getting ready to see happen in your life.

This helps you to reach your goals and to live a life without anxiety.


Allow yourself to set goals that are clear and that you can only imagine that you will get. This is a way that you can always be reaching for something better. Never limit yourself and always le the universe keeps your options open.

Focus on specific things that you want and be as detailed as you can.

Believe In It

The universe is not going to be fooled by you. It knows what you are feeling, and it knows what you are putting into the universe.

The Law of Attraction tells you that you can get whatever you give out and if you journal all of the things that you are thankful for, you will see that this can come into your life.

Abundance Manifesting and Journaling

Journaling your goals and dreams can make them come true for you. It is a great way to focus on positive things and to help you to be thankful for the things that you have in your life.

Write down your goals on paper and watch as your life gets better than you ever thought that it could.