What Does it Mean to See a Dragonfly?


Dragonflies are creatures that are adaptable and beautiful. They embrace change and they represent growing in your spiritual life. As you change and transform, you can identify with the dragonfly and see that you can reach beyond your own life and into the spiritual world.


Dragonflies are insects that have strong wings and a long body. The forewings are larger than the hindwings and this helps them to be able to fly good and to be able to hunt.

Symbols of the Dragonfly

The dragonfly is one that is unique and different. They are similar to the butterfly, but they were born to fly and are able to change along their life. When a dragonfly is born, they live in waters as a nymph for three to five years. This is when they can molt, and this can happen up to 17 times. As it changes, it can fly around, and dragonflies spend most of their time flying. If you see one of these elegant creatures, it can mean that you need to make the most of your life.

Dragonflies can see all around them and they are able to see beyond the front and can see 360 degrees. If you relate to the dragonfly, it can mean that you need to stop limiting yourself to what you see in the physical and go beyond that. The wings on the dragonfly have four wings and they all work on their own. They go backward, forward, up, and down and they are able to move in different ways. A dragonfly can move in any direction and can go up to 30 miles per hour.

As fast as a dragonfly can go, they can stop suddenly, and they can turn whenever they want. They are able to change and to transform and they have been around since ancient times.

Cultures of Dragonflies

There are different cultures that believe in dragonflies and believe in the symbols of dragonflies such as:

  • Native Americans

The Native Americans believe that dragonflies are part of healing and part of the shamans life. They believe that the dragonfly is a spiritual force. The dragonfly is considered a medical animal, and this is believed by the Pueblo and the Hopi tribe. They believe that there is healing and change when you see a dragonfly.

Some of the tribes use healing rattles when they want to have rain or when they need to pray for abundance. The dragonfly is connected to water and the rattles that they have look like the rattles that are used when the Native American tribes seek out the Great Spirit.

  • Japanese

The Japanese believe that the dragonfly is a positive thing. They associate it with the season, fall and they connect dragonflies with courage.

  • European

European cultures look at the dragonfly as something evil. They think that this creature is out to harm others. Some think of the dragonfly the same as they think of snakes, and they associate it with death. If you’re connected to this kind of culture then you have to decide what seeing a dragonfly means for you, a blessing, or a warning.

Europeans are often afraid of the dragonfly and if you feel this way, chances are you might need to slow down and make good choices.

Seeing a Dragonfly

Some will see a dragonfly in different things like jewelry or artwork. This can be worn on clothing, or it is sometimes found in pottery.

Spirit Animal

Some have the dragonfly as their spirit animal. This mean that you connect with this animal. When you have the dragonfly as your spirit animal, you might need to look at the emotional attachment that you have to things around you.

Spiritual Messages

There are spiritual messages that can come to you from seeing a dragonfly. If you see one when you are by a pool, this is something that is normal but if you see one in the desert, this can mean that you are getting a sign, and you need to listen. The dragonfly can be connected to the spiritual realm, and this means that you need to be open to what you heart is.

If you like the idea of a dragonfly but you don’t feel connected to them, you might still see dragonflies flying around you. If this happens, it can mean that the spiritual world is trying to tell you that you need to have more happiness. A dragonfly can tell you that you are too worried about things in your life and that you need to stop and take a moment to look deep at your future but to be more open to change.

People that have loved ones that have died might see a dragonfly or other animals and this can mean that your loved one is there to give you a message. This can be a spiritual message that is trying to tell you that they are okay.

One thing to remember is that dragonflies are beautiful to see, and they are predators. They are nymphs that live in the water. Dragonflies control their own flying, and this means that if you are dealing with things in your life, you need to have self-control and notice what situations you need to be more observant about.