Seeing a Hummingbird


Hummingbirds are exciting birds to see because they are interesting and different. You might see one on décor or on sculptures and if you are lucky enough, you might even see one in person. A hummingbird can mean that you are connecting with the divine and that you are in tune with your higher self.


Hummingbirds are animals that are small. They are the smallest bird in the world, and they are only around two inches or less. They only weigh around 2 grams and they can move their wings exceptionally fast.

Hummingbirds flap their wings so rapidly that people can actually hear the wings flapping. They are agile and they can move faster than anyone would ever expect to see a bird move.

What Does a Hummingbird Mean?

Have you ever seen a hummingbird and you just felt instant joy? A hummingbird can fly backwards, forwards, and even stay in the same spot. They are super tiny, but they are big in the spiritual world. They are there to show you that you need to be flexible in your life and you need to stop getting stuck in everything that you do.

This kind of bird is often colorful, and you can see different colors in these birds. If you have issues that are going on in your life, the spirit world might be showing you this bird so that you can see that things are going to be okay. The sighting can be something that is unique for you and that is just a way that you are being shown love.

  • Energies

Hummingbirds are full of energy, and they put their energy into finding nectar. They spend a lot of time resting though because they get tired from how fast they go. If you have been doing things too quickly and you aren’t taking time for you, seeing a hummingbird can mean that you need to take time to rest and meditate. Take a day or so to relax.

A hummingbird will fly and their wings can mean an infinity symbol. This shows you that as you go about your life, you need to enjoy your journey and not rush through it. Rest when you need and then keep going.

  • Soul and Spirit

When you see a hummingbird, you can’t be sad about it. This creature can make you feel good even when you are sad. If you are dealing with hard emotions, let the hummingbird show you that you can shake this off and you can find joy in the days of your lives.

Hummingbirds will save their energy and will hibernate. You might need to take time to rest and to hibernate and get yourself into a deep meditation sometimes.

  • Spirit Animal

A hummingbird can be your spirit animal and when you need strength, this is the bird that you can ask to help you. Even if you are going through hard things, let this bird show you that you can be strong and that you can keep living a happy life. Don’t worry about things taking your energy, just be strong and keep moving.

Rather you have this animal as your spirit animal, know that it means being flexible and that you can push through things and see them work out for you. Ask this animal to come to you and to help you with your problems and the hummingbird can show up.

  • Power Animal

The hummingbird might be your power animal and if you are tired and you need to have more stamina, this bird can help you. It does the impossible by moving its wings so quickly and you can do the impossible too. Don’t give up on things that are hard for you and face each task head on.

This animal can be close to heaven, and you can ask the spirit of the hummingbird to come to you and to give you rest in your life.

Symbols of the Hummingbird

Seeing a hummingbird can mean that you are connected to the spiritual world and now is the time to ask for what you need. Communicate with the spirits and see if you can get the help that you are seeking. Meditate, pray, and journal whatever you see when you encounter a hummingbird. Let this fill your spirit.

Hummingbirds mean speed, being flexible and being strong. If you are dealing with hard relationships and you see a hummingbird, stay strong. Remember that you need to sometimes approach things differently if you want them to work out for you.

A hummingbird is connected with flowers and if you find that you are inside too much, go outside and enjoy nature. This could be a time that you see a hummingbird and that you’re able to connect with it.

Dreaming of a Hummingbird

Some people will dream of hummingbirds, and this can symbolize that you are expecting something good in your life. Don’t ignore this dream and write it down. Notice what the hummingbird is doing and how it makes you feel. Your eyes can see the movement of the hummingbird, and this can be something big coming to your life.

Native Americans and Hummingbirds

The Native American tribes believe that hummingbirds are spirits that are healers and that they come to you when you are hurting or when you need help. Some call the hummingbird a symbol of good luck.

The Aztec God, Huitzilopochtli was seen as a hummingbird in art, and they believe that he created Tzunuum, which was a hummingbird that loved being able to fly. She was without color and was going to be married to a red cardinal who gave her some color and she accepted this engagement. She was so happy by the great spirit because he let her wear her wedding dress each day and then the hummingbirds got many colors from the different animals.

Final Thoughts

Hummingbirds are important in many different cultures and can be important in your life. Embrace the sighting of a hummingbird and find out what it means for you.