What Does it Mean to See a Raccoon?


Raccoons have a reputation in social media and other things for being midnight animals that are always getting into messes by looking for food. If you keep seeing a raccoon, then chances are it can mean something symbolic for your life.


Most people that will see a raccoon will see them in North America, Canada, or Panama areas. There are other raccoons that are found in South America that are called Cozumel or Crab-eating Raccoons. These animals are ones that are related to the bear family because they are mammals and have thumbs and long tails that have a ring around them.

Raccoons are normally grey or brown in color and can be as big as a dog. Since raccoons have thumbs on their hands, they can open things just like people can. They will sometimes dip their food in water before they eat it to make sure that the food is clean and sometimes you can even see them cleaning their hands. If you see a raccoon over and over it can mean that the universe wants you to open up your hands for the gifts it wants to give you.

Mask of the Raccoon

One of the best ways that you can notice a raccoon is by the mask around its face. This can be a symbolic meaning for you and can mean change and transformation. Masks are often used to keep things hidden or to use for celebration and you can see a mask and use it in your life how you need to use it.

Seeing a raccoon can mean that you need to take a new journey in your life or that you need to even go deeper. It can be time for you to investigate what you need in your life or to get away from people that are deceiving you. This animal can also tell you that you need to be more trusting of your intuition and how you feel about people. If someone makes you cautious, listen to what your gut is saying.

Raccoon in Dreams

When you dream of a raccoon it can mean many different things such as having enemies or people in your life that are using you. Dreaming of a raccoon that you get close can mean that you are curious, and you need to seek more information about yourself, or you need to learn a new skill.

If the dream of the raccoon is about the raccoon getting in your garbage, it can mean that you need to weed through bad things in your life and you need to work through feelings that are negative such as guilt or hurt.

Spirit Animal

Some people have raccoons as their spiritual animal and when this happens it can be special for your life. In many cultures such as the Native American culture, raccoons are thought to be special. Some believe that the universe has sent the raccoon as a spirit and this animal is often seen at gravesites and on things like axes, weapons, pottery, or tools.

Raccoon sightings can be different depending on the tribe. Sometimes the animal is seen as one that tricks people, but others were seen as being clever. Raccoons are often found in stories for children and in tales such as being mischievous. Some tribes even do what is called a Raccoon Dance.

Final Thoughts

Having a raccoon as your spirit animal can be a great thing. If you are curious and you like to solve problems, chances are this could very well be your spirit animal. Look at your life from different perspectives and see if you need to change the way that you see things to build a better future for yourself.