What Does it Mean to See a Turtle?


When you see a turtle, it can mean things in your life such as a need for more patience or having wisdom. If you are on your spiritual journey, it is important to know that the universe is in control and there is divine timing. Don’t try to reach to meet your goals or you can miss the good things that come along with it along the way.

There is energy everywhere and the turtle has energy that allows it to be in tuned with the world around them. It is able to protect itself from the earthly elements. Even though the turtle can be slow when it walks, it is steady, and it reaches its goals one step at a time. When you are living your life, take time to slow down and to enjoy the world around you.

In the water, the turtle has different energy. This is when it can go fast and is a great swimmer. There is energy of the turtle that reminds you to be balanced and to be grounded. The changes that are going on around you will influence yourself and others and part of the symbol of the turtle is to have peace.

The turtle will teach you to walk on a path of peace and to become one with the world around you. If the turtle is your spiritual animal, let it encourage you to find time to meditate and to ground yourself. Find a way to bring balance into your life and to connect with everything. The shell of the turtle is there for protection and for grounding and as you live your life on a slower pace, you won’t miss things.

What is Turtle Island

Native American tribes know some of the Americas as turtle Island. This is a legend where there was said to be an island in the sky where gods called Sky People lived. The people there never died or were ever born but then one day the Sky Woman was pregnant with twins. When she told her husband he got made and ripped the island in half and left a hole in it. The Sky Woman looked into the hole and saw water and then her husband pushed her into the hole, but the animals came to save her and give her a place to land on. They carried mud for her on the back of a big turtle and this is why it became known as Turtle Island. The Sky Woman then sprinkled dust in the air to make the stars and then made the sun and the moon because she was happy.

The twins that the Sky Woman had were two boys and one was kind, Sapling and the other was not, Flint. The Sapling made animals and rivers and fish that had no bones and plants that would help people. Flint put bones in the fish, made plants with thorns and wanted to destroy all the good that Sapling did. Eventually they fought each other, and Sapling won, and Flint was made to stay on Turtle Island forever because he was a god and couldn’t die. When the land shakes and earthquakes happen, Flint is said to be showing his anger.

There are other stories in the Chinese and Hindu cultures that are similar with turtles helping Mother Earth to be able to survive and bring balance to the world.

Lives of Turtles

Turtles have been around for millions of years and have been around longer than many other animals. They are able to adapt to their environment and they leave a message to you to slow down and to stay grounded and balanced no matter what life brings to you.