What Does it Mean to See a Wolf?


Most people won’t see a wolf when they leave their home, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t be attracted to this animal. You can see it in art, on blankets, tapestries, and pictures. If you continuously see a wolf, it can mean that you are needing to get a message from the spiritual world.

Wolves are different in how they act. They are loving and sensitive when it comes to their pack, but they can be very protective when they feel threatened. Wolves have different personalities, and they use their own language to communicate. Not only do they use their voices, but they also have body language that they use, and they have rituals to make sure that their territory is safe.

The pack will have an alpha male and large families. The alpha male will be there when things get hard, and they will help to take care of everyone in the pack. Omegas are the lowest in the pack and they are there to play and to have fun with the pack. Even though they are considered the lowest, they are the ones that are important and will help the other wolves to get over mourning when one of the wolves die. They are there to encourage others and to help make the pack stronger.

Balance and Life

The wolf is an animal that is often not understood. They are predators but they are also prey to humans and other animals. Some people will hunt a wolf just to use its fur. In the 20’s, wolves were becoming extinct, and they were marked as safe and were introduced to the Yellowstone ecosystem so that they could thrive.

Wolves will hunt prey, and this brings balance in nature. They were put into the wild and their population began to grow because without them the world would be unbalanced. Nature has to have an order and the wolf is no longer endangered and this is a great thing.

Follow Your Instinct

If you have the wolf as your spirit animal, then it can be time for you to listen to your instincts. Trust your intuition and let it guide you. Learn to care about yourself and to be self-reliant. Socialize with people that are good to you and make a connection with nature.


Spirit animals are there to guide you and to help you. They can deliver messages by showing up to you or they can come to you in your dreams. Pay attention if you dream about a wolf because it could be time for you to build your self-confidence. If you see a wolf chasing you in your dream, chances are that you need to face your fears and stop running away from your problems.

In many cultures, the wolf symbolizes a teacher. They will guide you and show you that there is a life cycle of rebirth and death. The wolf is there to help lead you and help you in your spiritual rebirth.

Other cultures such as in Norse mythology, there are massive wolves, one called Fenrir. He is the son of Loke, the trickster god and he was bound by the gods but then was released and this helped to get rid of some of the Norse gods and to have new ones rise up.

Traits of the Wolf

There are some positive traits of a wolf that you might have such as:

  • Being reliant.
  • Using strong intuition.
  • Creating deep connections with the spiritual world.
  • Awareness.

Here are some of the negative wolf traits that you might share:

  • Inability to trust.
  • Lack of intuition.
  • Lack of listening.
  • Lack of trusting others.

Tribes that hunt will use the wolf as their guide because he is a shape-shifter and a trickster and will be able to help them adapt as they travel and find food. He can share his instincts to help the hunter to be able to be a warrior in their own environment and it will lead them to territory that is unfound.

Symbol of the Wolf

The wolf is an animal that lives in a pack, and it is unusual to see a wolf on its own. If you find a wolf on its own, it has probably been excluded out of the pack for a reason. This can be because the wolf wants to go to a new area and doesn’t want to follow the pack.

No matter why the wolf would be on its own, if you see this, you have to look at your own life. Are you ready to survive things that are hard? Do you need to find a new group of friends? People need to sometimes be alone so that they can get rid of drama and bad things in their life.

If you see a wolf alone or if you dream of this, chances are that you need to find a new social group. Sometimes relationships become bad and when this happens then you need to take some time to be alone and move on to a new group. Stay away form danger and those that are out to hurt you.