What Does Your Gay Zodiac Sign Say?

Gay Zodiac Signs

There are people that love others in the opposite sex but there are others that love people from the same sex. This is a love that can be about both war and art, and it can be a proud kind of love. Love like this is full of electricity and it might be someone that you are looking for that is colorful and truthful. There are different aspects when you are looking for love and as you notice what you are looking for, turn to astrology to help you.

Here is a compatibility list for those that are looking for lovers in the same sex and it will have to do with your sun sign at the time of your birth.

Black Moon Lilith and Lunar Apogee

Astrology is all about your birth chart and your Lilith is one that will represent the lunar movement that happens from Apogee which is when the moon is air the furthest away from the earth and then everything else that is happening. This also shows the zone where your sexuality meets up with your spirituality in order to get you excited about being together. Your Lunar Apogee will represent the things that come to when you cross a line with someone, and you can use this to help you understand your relationship.

If you know your signs and your Black Moon Lilith, you will be able to express yourself better. Your Black Moon Lilith is not the same as your Sun sign and the Sun sign might actually be different than your Black Moon Lilith.

After you understand your Black Moon Lilith more, you will see that you can understand your love life even more.

Zodiac Signs and Elements

Here are some of the gay zodiac signs and their elements:

Air signs

    • Libra.
    • Aquarius.
    • Gemini.

Fire signs

    • Leo.
    • Aries.
    • Sagittarius.

Water signs

    • Scorpio.
    • Cancer.
    • Pisces.

Earth signs

    • Virgo.
    • Capricorn.
    • Taurus.

Gay Compatibility Signs

Here are the signs and what they mean:


The Aries is a fire sign that is ruled by the planet Mars. Here are some other traits of the Aries including:

    • Symbol: Ram.
    • Erogenous Zones: Face or head.
    • Modality: Cardinal.
    • Crystal: Carnet.

Someone that is an Aries is someone that has no fear, and they will do almost anything that they can to win. They are brave and they are loyal, and they don’t like to apologize even when they are wrong, but they will try to stay in control of their anger and other downfalls. The Aries will try to improve their life and they will not be stopped from growing and developing.

An Aries man is one that will often have an inner daddy complex which means that they are bossy, and they have a hard time struggling with control. They are pure in heart, but they want to make their own rules. They are rare to find and if they want to find a lover, they need to dress nicely.

Compatibility of the Aries

The Aries works best with a Leo, Aquarius, and Sagittarius. They work together well and will do what it takes to find happiness. They will stay in long-term relationships.

Black Moon Lilith of the Aries

When a man has a Black Moon Lilith in Aries, they are someone that likes to get what they want, and they are full of passion and are very sensual. They have a strong personality, but they can get provoked easily. They have learned about their sexuality from a young age, and they are often voyeuristic. This is a person that will do what it takes to get what they want.


The Taurus is an earth sign, and they are ruled by Venus. They have other traits including:

    • Symbol: Bull.
    • Erogenous Zones: Neck.
    • Modality: Fixed.
    • Crystal: Sapphire or Emerald.

This is a person that is loyal and stubborn. They will do what it takes to find out what they want when it comes to big things like love or little things like food. They have strong tastes, and they hate to be lazy. They will do what it takes to have fine dining and to make money. They often have the best sex in bed, and they feel that they are their own boss.

The Taurus is a man that is going to be logical and will be grounded. They might be grumpy sometimes and they are built in a way that they can keep moving forward. They don’t tire out and they often act like machines. They don’t let things get in their way and they will never quit no matter what.

Compatibility of Taurus

This sign is compatible with Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn. The will commit in relationships no matter if they are long or short and they have strong sexual chemistry.

Black Moon Lilith of the Taurus

This is a sign that is often excessive. They love to get new things, but they view things in a big way such as money and food. They love to have sex and they get attracted and possessive of their lover. They sometimes are hard to deal with because they will do what it takes to have the fetishes that they are looking for fulfilled. This is a person that needs to be spoiled and they expect it.


Gemini is an air element, and they are ruled by the planet Mercury. They have other traits including:

    • Symbol: Twins.
    • Erogenous Zones: Arms and Hands.
    • Modality: Mutable.
    • Crystal: Moonstone, Peral or Alexandrite.

Gemini’s love to have people around them and they love to have parties and be sociable. They are able to host almost anything and if someone wants to party, the Gemini is ready. Gemini’s need to party and if they don’t have someone to have fun with then chances are that they are not fulfilling their purpose. They love to get involved with new people.

Gemini people are ones that will dance with anyone, and they are interested in knowing things and learning new things. They don’t like to argue, and they can turn a fight into flirting in seconds.

Compatibility of Gemini

This is a sign that is most compatible with Aquarius, Aries, and Leo. They are also good with a Pisces because they are a little freaky in the bed.

Black Moon Lilith of the Gemini

Gemini’s are ones that will do what it takes to get what they want. They look great and they feel great and when people pay attention to them, this is what moves them. 

The one thing about them is that they don’t like to play games. They won’t go chasing someone that isn’t interested and if you go to chase a Gemini, chances are you won’t win him over. He will have a lot of pride and he will like it when people look at him and give him attention. You can win him over if you feed his pride and even though he will have a lot of money, he won’t hardly buy something unless he really wants it.

Gemini will be charming and will hunt you, but this is just a time where he is looking to have a special moment so that he can feel like he won you over. This will feed his pride.


Cancer is a water sign, and they are ruled by the Moon. Here are some more traits of Cancer zodiac signs:

    • Symbol: Crab.
    • Erogenous Zones: Chest.
    • Modality: Cardinal.
    • Crystal: Pearl, Moonstone or Opal.

There are many people that are protectors and that is the purpose of the Cancer. They are nurturing and loving, and they are tender. They are also warm and cooperative with others. Sometimes the Cancer can be moody, but they are easy to work with because they are happy to just be with you. 

Compatibility of Cancer

The Cancer is most compatible with Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, and Virgo signs.

Black Moon Lilith of Cancer

There are two kinds of families, the one that you were born into and the ones that start as friends and then become families. When Cancer is in Black Moon Lilith, this can mean that they will form strong bonds and will make their own families. 

These are people that have strong discernment, and they know that they have a purpose and will do what it takes to find it. They are also there to fill their sensuality and they are dreamers. 


This sign is one that is a fire sign, and they are ruled by the Sun. Here are some more traits about the Leo:

    • Symbol: Lion.
    • Erogenous Zones: Back.
    • Modality: Fixed.
    • Crystal: Sardonyx and Ruby.

Leo’s are people that can be beautiful. They are like stars, and they are superstars and megastars. Gay Leo’s are able to show what they want in their life, and they will keep their own love as their number one. They will have passion, integrity, and empathy for others, and they will be great leaders. They make the world a better place.

Compatibility of Leo

Leo is most compatible with Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra.

Black Moon Lilith of Leo

When you deal with the Leo, you have to know that they remember everything that you have ever said and done and will use it against you later. They are often narcissistic, and they will be tricky and disloyal sometimes. They are also edgy and insecure. 


This is an earth sign and the Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. Other traits include:

    • Symbol: Maiden.
    • Erogenous Zones: Stomach.
    • Modality: Mutable.
    • Crystal: Sapphire.

Many Virgo’s work too hard and they will do what it takes to make money. They love to have energy and they are majestic and pristine. They are committed to people both inside and outside.

Compatibility of Virgo

This is a sign that will want everything you have or nothing from you at all. They are not perfectionists, but they will tell you things about yourself that can help to wake you up. They are most compatible it Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Taurus.

Black Moon Lilith of Virgo

This is someone that will meditate and not have sex in order to build their spiritual life. They are often seen as someone with OCD or someone that is a perfectionist. They are passionate and they will give you, their passion.

They will do what it takes to control the emotional side of the relationship and they will bond with people that they love.


This is a sign that is an air element, and it is ruled by the planet Venus. Here are some other traits of the Libra sign:

    • Symbol: Scales.
    • Erogenous Zones: Back, butt.
    • Modality: Cardinal.
    • Crystal: Opal.

Libra is a person that is balanced and fair. They have a lot of charm, and they can communicate better than others. They will tell if they have a problem with something and they will use their intuition to guide them. They are calm and they will make sure that they balance their life and their work.

This is a man that might confuse you at first, especially if you are an opposite of them. You will see that they can be both outgoing and also an introvert and they are sometimes focused and spontaneous. They also are opposite in how they balance their life.

Compatibility of Libra

The Libra is mostly compatible with Sagittarius, Aquarius, Leo, and Gemini.

Black Moon Lilith of the Libra

If you are with someone that has the Black Moon in Libra, you will be someone that will be with someone who is all about the physical body. They will love your body and they will want to enjoy sex with you and to be stimulated by you. They will want you to look good and they will express their feelings for you in a sexual way. 

They will have sexual things that come into their life that will show their aggressiveness in their everyday life.


Scorpio’s are water signs, and they are ruled by the planet Pluto. Here are some other traits of the Scorpio:

    • Symbol: Scorpion.
    • Erogenous Zones: Genitalia.
    • Modality: Fixed.
    • Crystal: Malachite.

This is a sign that is suited for people that are also hard to get to know. They are often very much into the paranormal and they are people that sometimes have nightmares. They like to socialize, and they will do this by reading what you are thinking but they will also try to control you with their seduction.

Men of this sign are very loyal, and they are very passionate. They have no fear and they will not hide form your shadow self. They will do what they can to help you search for your soul.

Compatibility of the Scorpio

This sign is mostly compatible with Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, and Cancer. They are sometimes explosive and full of emotions but if you find one, you will be close to them forever.

Black Moon Lilith of the Scorpio

This is a sign that will test you in things such as your sexuality and your passion. They will show mysteries and they will change over time as the relationship goes on. Someone with this sign will be a thrill seeker and they will be intense. They will have different mysterious that come with their culture and their families.


This is a sign that is a fire element, and they are ruled by the planet Jupiter. Here are other traits of the Sagittarius:

    • Symbol: Archer.
    • Erogenous Zones: Hips and thighs.
    • Modality: Mutable.
    • Crystal: Turquoise.

A man with this sign is someone that will be emotional and physical with their partner. They want to see things happen and they aren’t afraid of changes. They are people that will reflect on their relationships, and they will explore themselves to see what they are lacking. 

This is a sign that is jaded sometimes and critical, but they are also fearless and love adventure. They will use their body to make improvement.

Compatibility of the Sagittarius

This sign is most compatible with Aquarius, Leo, Libra, and Aries. 

Black Moon Lilith of the Sagittarius

This is a person that will invest their money to make sure that they can benefit from it in different ways. They will show their emotions and they will expect it from their partner. They are passionate and affectionate, and they love new things.

You can work best with a Sag by making sure that you set adventures and you don’t keep doing the same things over and over again.


Capricorn is an earth element and is ruled by the planet Saturn. Here are other traits of the Capricorn:

    • Symbol: Goat.
    • Erogenous Zones: Knees.
    • Modality: Cardinal.
    • Crystal: Onyx and garnet.

Capricorn’s are people that can become adults at a young age, and they are people that are emotional. They want to be successful, and they will be someone that will get involved in internal dialect so that they can figure out who they are. They aren’t a narcissist, but they are someone that is a hard worker, sometimes to the point of obsession. They have strong integrity and are very moral.

This person is one that will do what it takes to keep their life together and they are able to use things like opal and quartz to stay strong. They will do what it takes to have a nice relationship with someone that they like.

Compatibility of the Capricorn

This is someone that is most compatible with Virgo, Taurus, Pieces and Scorpio.

Black Moon Lilith of the Capricorn

A person that is in this is often seen as someone that is cold but that only happens because they are very intense in their sexual urges. They are someone that will be introverted and will do what it takes to know their inner self more. 

These people love to have pleasure, but they are also full of business. Men in this Lilith are attracted to those that are full of power.


Aquarius are air elements, and they are ruled by Uranus. Here are some other traits of Aquarius:

    • Symbol: Water Bearer.
    • Erogenous Zones: Calves and ankles.
    • Modality: Fixed.
    • Crystal: Garnet.

This is a person that will fall in love with others easily. They are often esoteric, but they are also passionate. They love whatever the future holds for them, and they use their future thoughts to make good decisions.

Compatibility of the Aquarius

This is a person that will see intimacy as important, and they will use their imagination to be strong. They are never to be matched with an Aquarius because they are too goal oriented, and the Scorpio is enigmatic and won’t make a good match. They are best with a Virgo, Gemini, Libra, or Aries.

Black Moon Lilith of the Aquarius

This is a sign that is constant and that doesn’t value change. They are people that are always looking for fantasies and that are erotic. They are sexual but they also embrace changes. This isn’t someone that you should just chase after, but it is someone that you need to let chase you down. They will have mature sexual instincts and they will be fearless.


This is a person that uses their mind to heal and is associated with Neptune. They are people that have strong characters, and they have many psychic gifts like strong intuition, compassion, dreaming and others. They often play a role where they are compassionate with how someone is feeling so that they can feel better.  Here are some other traits of the Pisces:

    • Symbol: Fish.
    • Erogenous Zones: Feet.
    • Modality: Mutable.
    • Crystal: Larimar and Amethyst.

Pices are people that are often not valued by others and sometimes the ideas that they have from the past hold them back. They are super romantic, and they are sensitive. They are dramatic sometimes and even thought they are romantic; they stay more on this plane than in the spiritual world.

Compatibility of Pisces

This sign is able to work best with Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus and they are people that will try and stay out of problems and turmoil.

Black Moon Lilith of the Pisces

A person with this sign will see themselves as someone that loves to give affection and love to others. They often ignore what is going on and try to reach a higher state by exploring mysticism. They use their imaginations to heal others and they reach for their awakenings like the Kundalini awakening.

They do have another personality sometimes and this is the Pisces that are insecure and clingy, and they often feel rejected or threatened.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to be in a healthy relationship, the best thing that you can do is to use astrology to help you to figure out who you are most compatible with. Remember, love and astrology work together and when you are looking for love, let it guide you.