What is a Runes Reading?

Runes Reading

What do you think of when you think of a psychic? What kinds of tools do you think most psychics use? Many people imagine a gypsy like person using tarot cards while there is a crystal ball or candles burning all around the room. Even though this is completely untrue, movies have made psychics look like something weird and strange.

One of the real most common tools that a psychic will use are runes. Runes have been around since ancient times. Even though they aren’t as flashy as pulling out a tarot card, they can help you with your past, present and future problems.

What Are Runes?

There are no real scientific evidence when it comes to looking at runes. Many think that they came from the Norse Alphabet. These things have been found all over the world and have been discovered by different explorers over time. These are stones that have writings or engravings on them. They were said to be used for speaking to one another and as a tool for divination.

Psychics use different tools of divination in order to reach the spiritual world. It just depends on what the psychic uses to reach the energy around you. Psychics can use different sources and can use their tools to reach the spiritual world.

Runes are one of the tools that psychics sometimes use. Some people compare runes to tarot cards. These things have a meaning that is assigned to each of the stones and the interpretation depends on who you are and what culture you are from.

There are different ways that people interpret runes because they each have a symbol and a meaning, but it depends on who is interpreting them. Sometimes things are even spelled differently, and they can mean something totally different to you than to someone else.

There are 25 runes in a set but there are only 24 that have letters on them. They are often in groups of eight called the Aett. The groups are named after different Norse gods and the symbols reference them.

The runes all have different meanings, and they can be positive if they are cast upright and negative if they are cast downwards or reversed. This was often used by the Vikings but has been interpreted over and over in today’s world.

The Earth Family

This family is the first of the Aett. This represents the journey that you take in your life. This is what you have left behind and the things that will come in the future.


This is represented as a cow and can mean being wealthy. It is a Mother Rune and represents a beginning or prosperity. But in reverse it can mean a loss.


This is represented of oxen and was used to build territories. This can be used in a reading to represent health and going through problems. It can also mean goals. In reverse it means a sickness or missing a good thing.


This is seen as Thor’s Hammer. It is a caution and can mean that you can build with this. It allows barriers and freedom in your life. This is an action rune. In reverse it can mean ignoring good advice.


This represents Odin’s staff. It is a wisdom rune. It means blessing and enlightenement but reversed it can mean being tricked.


This is from the chariot of the gods and represents a wheel. It can mean changing a job. In reverse it can mean a delay.


This represents a torch. It can be a sign of energy. It brings hope even when things are hard. It represents fire and fire is life. In reverse it means giving up.


This is a stone of unity and love. It means being romantic and spiritual. There is no reverse to this rune.


This can mean having success and being happy. In reverse it can mean having fear.

The Warrior Family

This is the second Aett.


This is a nature rune and can mean delays and problems. It can also mean that there is a dead end. There is no reverse to this rune.


This means that you can manifest things and get past challenges. In reverse it can mean you jump to conclusions.


This rune means being still and being stuck. It has no reverse meaning.


This can mean a beginning and a n end. It means reaping and sowing. There is no reverse in this rune.


This is a tree rune and can mean life and death. It can mean enlightenement and truth. This in reverse can mean being stagnant.


This is a luck or secret rune. In reverse it means someone taking your secrets.


This is a protection rune. It can mean intimidation or safe keeping. It tells you to move forward but to have caution and set boundaries. You should use your intuition with this stone. In reverse it means not to act impulsively.


This means victory and clouds. It is a positive energy and uses willpower. There is no reverse meaning.

The Heaven Family

This is the third Aett. This can mean workings inside of ourselves.


This means being a warrior and having honor. This means courage. In reverse it can mean something is holding you back.


This means new beginnings and rebirth. It can mean motherhood or birth. It represents feminine energies. This can mean that hope is seeming lost.


This rune can mean working together. It can mean having protection and guidance in your life. In reverse it tells you to follow your instincts.


This is a mankind rune. It means having divine love for yourself. This is a stone that means you need to have balance in your life.


This is a journey stone. It means listen to your psychic gifts and your inner voice. Be open to new things and follow your intuition. In reverse this can mean that you need to keep growing and changing.


This is a love and harmony stone. It can mean rebirth. There is no reverse meaning for this rune.


This is a transformation or change rune. It means being creative or starting new. It can mean to prepare for things in the future. There is no reverse to this rune.


This is family and going back to your roots. This means that you can feel strong and part of a community. IN reverse this can mean a connection or that you should get away from a partner. This can mean abuse.

Each of these runes have a different meaning but there are also blank runes. These are sometimes called Odin. These are runes that are mysterious. If you are a beginner, you need to draw from the pouch and ask questions and see what kinds of answers you get.

Three Norn Spread

This is named after the goddess of Norn’s. This can mean fate and can show that fate is like thread being spread. This is a spread that is great for beginners or for someone that needs to practice. Shake the bag and pick out three runes. Lay them facing up.

These are going left to right and mean past, present and future. If all the runes are facing upright, then the answer is yes but if they are facing all down, they mean no. If they are mixed, then it can be yes or no and there is no real answer.

You can also read runes by using the Wheel Method. This means you draw circles with a small one in the big one. The first one represents the present and the second one represents things that are influencing your reading.

You can interpret the runes any way that you want. If you want to work with runes then you can find them made out of different materials including glass, stone, wood and more. You can even find guides online to make your own runes. This can be a hobby that you pick up and then you can learn to become a great rune reader. Find out what your future holds with each runes cast.