How Does Runecasting Work?

Rune casting

Runes are things that are made out of bone, wood, stone or more and they are used by psychics and other people to tell things about the past, present, and future. The runes are put into a pouch and then the reader will pull out one rune at a time and then interpret it.

Understanding Runes

Runes are something that have been used since ancient times. They represent the past, present, and future in your life, depending on the reading. If you want to make good decisions in your life or if you have something hard you are going through, you might want to get a rune reading.

Some psychics will use runes to tell the future and will use the energies in the spirit world to find out what the future holds for people. No matter how you choose to use runes, there is no right or wrong way.


Runecasting works best if you meditate first and find a quiet place that you can sit without distraction. It is best if you meditate for a few minutes and clear your mind before pulling out the first rune.

Once you are ready, you can pull out a rune and set it out in a spread. The spreads are different depending on who you are and what you are trying to interpret.

If you have ever had a reading, the most similar to a runes reading is the tarot card reading. The tarot cards use cards, and the runes use only 25 runes, so the meanings can be quite different.

What Are Runes

Runes have different meanings and have different families of eight each. They are different depending on what culture or tradition that you follow. They have different symbols and alphabets on them. The most common kind of runes Is the German Elder Futhark alphabets. Runes are part of all areas in the world.

No matter what kind of runes that you use, you should make sure that you feel a connection with them. You can try different runes to see which ones fit best with your intuition.

What Can a Runes Reading Do for You?

Runes readings can be very helpful, they can help you with these things:

  • The future.
  • The situation you are going through.
  • To understand your past.
  • To understand your present.
  • To understand your future.

Some psychics that are online will give you a runes reading that interprets your past, present or future. You can focus on your questions and then you will get the answers that you need from your psychic.

Easy Runes Spread

If you are thinking of getting a runes reading, you can start with a one rune spread. This means you can pull out one rune each day and interpret it. This will give you insight and help you to learn what the runes mean.

Trying the one-rune spread will help you to focus on one question at a time. You will be able to put your feelings behind and focus on what the outcome of the reading is.

Once you get good at doing a one rune spread then you can try a three-rune spread or do even more. You can do a Runecasting that is easy, or you can get more complex. It takes time and patience to learn what the runes mean. Don’t get frustrated with yourself and allow the information to give you help and insight in your life.