What is An Oracle Reading?

Oracle Reading

Oracle cards have been used since ancient times. They are used to tell things about the past, present, and future. Some people will use these cards to seek wisdom from the spirit world and to be able to make life decisions. When you want to have power and you want to change your life, find out what an Oracle card reading can do for you.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are cards that are similar to tarot cards. They have predictions and they help you to know if you are on the right journey in your life. The Oracle deck will have up to 60 cards or more where the tarot deck has a set 78 cards.

Oracle cards are full of symbolism, and they show you messages that come from the spirit world. This is a way that you can ask a question and see the answers based on energies that come from your chakras.

Picking an Oracle Deck

Choosing an oracle deck means that you are ready to do some kind of reading. Find a deck that connects with you. Do you like a certain deck? Ask yourself why. Find out what feelings you have when you hold the deck.

Maybe you love animals, and you want to try a spirit animal deck. They make these in the oracle cards. You can choose whatever decks that you want, and you can find deeper meanings when you find a deck you connect with.

Are you someone that loves angels? Some oracle cards have pictures of angels and angel messages. You can use them each day or you can draw a card once a week. If you want to understand your past better, you might want to try a Druid deck.

Each deck is different, and an oracle reading will be there to help you change your life. Find out what the deck wants to tell you and make sure that you are open to whatever the universe is showing you.

Kinds of Oracle Card Readings

Here are some of the most popular oracle card readings:

  • Energy reading: Some oracle cards are meant to give you an energy reading. This means that you can have energy healing if needed.
  • Archangel reading: This kind of reading uses the archangel oracle cards. This can give you messages from the Archangels in your life.
  • Goddess reading: This kind of reading allows you to tap into the goddesses and what they want to tell you.

Picking an Oracle or a Tarot Reading

People often wonder if they should get an oracle card or a tarot card reading. There can be confusion between the two because they are similar but different. Here are some ways they are different:

  • Oracle cards have different amounts of cards where the tarot deck has 78 cards.
  • The cards in the tarot deck have different suits and the oracle cards have different pictures and sayings.
  • Oracle cards want you to open up your intuition.
  • Oracle decks offer messages of inspiration and tarot decks are about truth.

Getting a reading means that you are looking for information. Oracle cards can give you messages that will benefit your life. The messages are used to make you have your purpose such as if you should buy a home or if you should get back with your ex. These messages are important for you to know what to do.

You can do your own reading by developing your intuition. Oracle cards use intuition to guide you while tarot cards are predictions. The oracle cards have messages that are easier to accept and can increase your intuition gift.

What Questions to Ask in an Oracle Reading

Oracle cards are used by tapping into your intuition. You can talk to a psychic to help you to do this kind of reading if you aren’t sure what to do.

You can ask open ended or yes or no questions when you get an oracle reading. The thing is though that the timeline can change, and you might need to get another reading in the future. Most of the timelines of an oracle reading are happening in the present.

Here are some of the best questions to ask during your oracle card reading:

  • Am I in the best relationship to help me grow?
  • How can I be better to those that love me?
  • Will my choice bring me peace?
  • How can I heal in my life?

Oracle readings can be used to ask different questions and to get the best answers to make your life good.

Using an Oracle Card Spread

The spread that you use will depend on what kinds of questions you are going to ask. Sometimes if you are asking a yes or no question, you can use even a one card spread. Using a 3-card spread will give you more details in what you are asking. This can be the past, with the first card, the present with the second card and the future with the third card. The spread can help to answer questions based on what is happening in your life.

If you need to find your life purpose, you can get an oracle card reading. The spread that your reader does will connect with your energy and will help you to solve the problem in front of you. There will be different choices that you can make but you will know what you need to reach your goals.

Pay attention to what the cards tell you for your past, present and future so that you can do what it takes to move forward in your journey.

Setting Card Intentions

Before doing an oracle card reading make sure that you set your intentions. This is the key to having a good reading. You need to be clear about what you want. Clear your heart and make sure that you are revealing the questions that are deep in your heart.

Set the intentions and let them come through to your reader. This will make the reading more accurate and will give you the answers that you need.

Importance of Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a sacred thing and getting this kind of reading can change your life. The cards are full of history and full of symbols and they can guide you and give you help that you need from your guides.

It is important if you buy your own deck that you don’t let others use the deck that you use. This will allow you to have personal readings without mixing up someone else’s energy in it. Don’t let anyone touch your oracle cards and always clear the energy before doing a new reading.

Use the images on the cards to guide you and to direct you. Take a few minutes before a reading to meditate and to be quiet. This can be hard if you are a beginner, but it is important to help you to be able to do your best readings. The symbolism that you receive will give you guidance will prepare you for your best reading.

Oracle cards are great cards if you want to find out more about your life including your health, relationships, and your finances.