What is an Orange Aura?

Orange Aura

The aura is something that surrounds everything that lives. It is a force that is around people and living things that helps them to know what kind of person they are and what kind of relationships they have.

Auras all have different colors and traits and if you have been told you have an orange aura, keep reading.

Orange Aura Meaning

Orange auras are people that are normally excited. They have strong energy that mixes with red energy which means passion and positivity. They also have the yellow part of the aura that is someone that likes to have fun. This aura is sensual and wants to be intimate and to have good sexual experiences.

People that have orange auras are people that live their life exciting and fast. They love to socialize with others and they area always excited about what is going on around them. They like to have strong friendships.

They are often people that bond and that are excited to go on adventures. They benefit from both of the colors in the aura, and they are people that are very creative and smart. They deal with negativity well and are very intense.

Orange Aura Personalities

An orange aura is one that means that the person might take chances or seek thrill. They are always full of excitement, and they are great at taking on challenges.

This is a personality that is seen as positive and brave, and they are people that will take risks. They are able to work through problems when there is one and they will sometimes have a hard time restraining themselves.

There are so many positive traits of an orange aura, and these are people that have those that are naturally drawn to them. They are great leaders, and they are able to face challenges. They work hard and love to stay in chape and they work hard to reach their personal goals.

Shades of Orange Auras

There are different shades of every color and each color that has a different shade might have a different meaning of what is going on in the aura. An orange aura might be someone that understands what is happening around them and so learning what certain shades mean can be important.

  • Burnt Orange

This is a color that can mean that this person likes to have change. They are someone that appreciates having practical things in life and are sometimes selfish.

  • Peach

Peach auras are people that are great at public speaking. They are often found working in education, writing or in creative professions. They are people that are able to communicate what they are thinking to others.

  • Pumpkin

This color orange aura is one that is someone that is disciplined and able to restrain what they do. They are people that are balanced between red and yellow colors, and they are good leaders.

  • Tangerine

The tangerine aura is one that seeks out to reach their goals and they love to have adventure. They are very motivated.

Orange Aura and Friendship

Having a friend with someone that has an orange aura likely means that you will have a partner that loves to thrill seek. They are people that are loyal and people that support their friendships. They do things sometimes that are risky, but they do know the difference between being safe and not being safe.

Orange auras will be protective to their friends, and they are sometimes vulnerable, but they don’t like to be. They are also people that want to keep their friendships strong, and they will do what it takes to keep the peace.

If you know someone with this color aura and you date them, be prepared for things to be wild. They are affectionate but they never give up on a challenge. They love to have excitement and they are passionate.

Avoid hurrying into a relationship with this color aura because even if it is passionate, once it cools down, it might end. Find ways to do new things and make sure that you have a lot of sex.

Orange aura people are always wanting to do new things and even though they don’t always communicate, once they decide on something they will do it.

When being in a relationship, orange auras can be negative such as they are selfish and risky. If an orange aura loses sight of their important things such as friends and family, they will neglect them. They are also great at guilting people and can be addicted to different things. This can cause the friendships to end. There has to be a balance.

Career and Orange Aura’s

People that have an orange aura are people that can do almost any job. They can reach their challenges and they can reach their deadlines no matter what the job is.

They are very creative, and they are innovative. They are valued in the world around them and they will take their focus and will move it to good things that can help them to move forward.

This is an aura color that will make sure to do their job and will not expect someone else to do it for them. They are successful and they will set a goal and then reach it. They work best in career paths that are exciting such as being a firefighter or being in the military. They are risky but positive and they can work through any situation.

This is a powerful color for an aura and there are many people that are heroes that have this color aura.

Aura Reading

If you aren’t sure what color aura that you have, try, and get an aura reading and see how this works for your life and your understanding.