Timing A Relationship: Finding Your Life Partner

Timing A Relationship: Finding Your Life Partner

Timing is everything in a relationship. We often meet someone with whom we share a deep connection, and yet we are unable to be in a relationship with them for a variety of reasons. They might live in a different country, be in another relationship, or you might be in a relationship when you meet them.

Your optimum mate, sometimes called your soul mate, is the person that you are cosmically destined to spend the rest of your life with. There are many misconceptions about this person in popular culture. We grow up thinking that there is one person designed for each of us, and yet many of us will never meet our soul mates.

We can make every relationship we have good and valuable, even if it ends. Just because it ends doesn’t mean it failed- we can have relationships that are good but aren’t meant to be. Chalk it up to bad timing or whatever you will; life goes on.

Finding your optimum mate in life deals with listening to your intuition, not just waiting for the perfect time and the perfect person to come around. Our intuition lets us know when we have met someone special, when we are in danger, and a variety of other messages that we often ignore. However, by being in tune with your intuition you can better learn about yourself and what you need from the people around you.

Your intuition connects your conscious mind with the consciousness of your soul. It is working to lead you towards your best life path, which includes the people you have in your life. If you haven’t listened to your intuition for most of your life, this is a muscle that needs to be strengthened in order for you to see its effectiveness clearly. Your lack of intuition might have led you into the wrong relationships, to a career you don’t enjoy, or find you living in a city that doesn’t make you feel alive.

Change can be frightening, but it is needed in order for us to grow, change, and live our optimal lives with our optimal partner. No matter where you are in life, see what you can do to connect to your intuition and your inner self. You always have the power to change who you are, where you live, and what you are doing; are you willing to change your life in order to fulfil your purpose?

Forget about timing or following the ‘right’ path for your life- simply follow your intuition where it leads you in order to find happiness, fulfilment, and even your true love.