What is the Spiritual Significance of Elephants?

What is the Spiritual Significance of Elephants?

There is something unexplainable about the majesty of an elephant.  They portray a unique sense of strength, power, and family loyalty.  These intelligent animals live in matriarchal herds that promote a culture of trust and respect that is noticeable to everyone.  They are sensitive, playful, loving and protective. They view raising their young as a collaboration, and embody the theme of gentle giant.

Elephants in spirituality and symbols

Overall, elephants reflect new beginnings and positivity.  Feng shui depicts them as harbingers of good fortune, abundance, and sustaining a balance of playful youth with the calm and grounded wisdom of age.  Physically, their large heads represent universal knowledge, while their trunks as said to emit the meditative tone of “OM,” which embodies life itself.

Elephants as totem/spirit animals

As a totem, the elephant reflects one’s relationships with their larger community.  People with an elephant totem animal view their inner well-being to be entwined with others and nature.  It speaks to the need to act as a community leader is possible.

As a spirit animal, elephants ask you to foster peace and harmony within your community.  You may need to heal from past trauma and dark memories.  The elephant will reveal old memories, both good and bad due their long memories and will help you traverse an array of emotions.  This process will help you forgive any transgressions, even if it’s something you can’t forget.  It will create a sense of calm, peace, and encouragement to trust your intuition and stay grounded.

Elephants in dreams

During dreams elephants implore us to pay attention.  If you see a young elephant, you may want to add more joy and playfulness into your daily activities.  Yet, dreaming of an adult elephant, you may be cautioned that something is on the horizon that requires your attention.  Seeing a group of stampeding elephants is a warning that something disruptive may soon occur.

Dreaming of an elephant could also be a sign from your subconscious that you need to cultivate more patience and empathy to those in your life.  Since elephants are famous for steel-trap memories, seeing them in a dream could signify you need to release an old notion, belief or aspect of your past.

Overall, seeing an elephant in dreams can foretell good luck, wisdom and strength.  Consider what is currently happening in your life and notice how the wisdom of the elephant can improve your situation.  This is especially poignant in African and Asian traditions.

Elephants in folklore, mythology, and religion

Some African mythology views the elephant as the King of Animals due to its wisdom and diplomacy.

Buddha’s birth is considered to be predicted to his mother in the form of a dream about a white elephant.  Thus, elephants are considered the early form of Buddha’s full wisdom and power.

The Hindu elephant deity Ganesh (or Ganesha) is popular for governing good fortune, wisdom and success.

The Japanese culture revere Baku, a creature with lion claws and the head of an elephant that is considered a ‘dream-eater.’  If a child awakens from a nightmare, they are to call upon Baku to come and consume the bad dream.

Harnessing elephant energy in your life

Feng shui tradition views elephants as good luck, strength, wisdom, and protection.  Consider placing one or two elephants by your front door, facing inward to usher in positive energy.  You could also choose to place a set of elephants by your front gate, positioned outward, to guard your property.  At work, set an elephant figurine on your desk to foster good luck and productivity.  Ultimately, trust the elephant guide will always be there for assist, support and protect you, no matter what.