Manifest Your Dream Job with Feng Shui

Manifest Your Dream Job Today

To start manifesting a career shift, you must first create a sacred space that you can fill with fresh and uplifting energy.  Find a space that honors and celebrates your sincere intention about initiating a positive step forward in your life.  By creating this sacred space, you are investing in your future success.

In Feng Shui, one’s career correlates to the entrance of your home.  Picture this foyer as the energy that is welcomed into your home and the energy you send back out into the world.  The first and last impressions of walking out the front door to go to your new dream job will be crafted daily in this space.

The first step is to be mindful, so, cleaning the space, will bolster any manifestations you may have previously done.  Completely sweep, vacuum, mop, dust, organize, and revitalized this space to your utmost ability.  If you lack a front entrance that is all your own, do this ritual for the entrance to your bedroom or den.

As you form the work, maintain a clear intention in your mind and spirit.  Consider focuses like “I am working towards a promotion in my field,” or “I am working towards a fulfilling job that is closer to home.”

Additional tricks to try

Incorporate items to your entrance that reflect comfort, joy, and bounty.  Design a business card for yourself with your ideal title and salary on it.  Then tape the card above your front door.

Each time you walk through the door you’ll be under that job title and salary, thus cuing you to put positive intentions towards attaining this position and sending this positivity back into the universe.

Point all your shoes in the same direction.  This is a universal signal that you are in clear alignment towards attaining your goals.  You could also include a mirror or water in the space to visualize good fortune spilling over into your life.

Clean and detail your vehicle, every time you get into the vehicle it will put you in a good frame of mind and remind you that this clean space is helping to bring your great new job into your life.  You are helping to increase the manifestation you are sending out to manifest the joy and success you deserve in your next career.