Fear of Starting Again

Fear of Starting Again

Humans are resistant to change. We like to feel comfortable, and we associate safety with being comfortable. However, our lives don’t change for the better unless we assume some risk. We need to be confronted with difficult situations in order to learn and grow. We can sit in our comfortable boxes for our entire lives, or we can step out and experience life in all of its diversity.

Sometimes we need to start over in order to change our lives. We need to uproot ourselves in order to grow deeper roots that are healthier and stronger than ever before. Whether starting over is in your control or not, these experiences give you the ability to change your life for the better.

If you know you need to start over but you aren’t sure how, don’t worry! Many people have revitalized their lives in different ways throughout the years- you aren’t alone. However, change is difficult, and we aren’t always emotionally or mentally ready for it.

Here are five ways that you can sabotage your own ability to start over, and how these things can be avoided:

1. Doubting your abilities

Self-doubt is the killer of change. When you don’t see your own strength, you forget that you are powerful enough to change your life. You do have the strength to start over, and you will work hard to make your life the way you want it to be. Remember, in times of self-doubt, that you are courageous enough to instigate change in your life.

2. Not taking action

When you notice that you need to change your life, actually do something about it. How often have we said that we need to do something, and yet let opportunities pass us by to reach that goal? Often, we are afraid of failure, and yet failing is better than staying where you are. When you have a goal, make a plan to take action in order to accomplish that goal.

3. Sabotaging yourself

Because we are afraid of change and failure, we might try to sabotage our chances of success when we change our lives. Resist the urge to text an ex and foster healthy behaviors in your own life that create healthy, balanced, and peaceful days and nights. Notice the ways you commonly sabotage yourself and work to resist those behaviors.

4. Physical obstacles

We often let our memories of the past or of painful experiences keep us tied to bad habits and bad situations. Let go of the physical reminders in your life that tie you to these negative memories and emotions. You might need to find a new place to live or get rid of objects or pictures that bring you back to those challenging circumstances. By cleansing your physical space, you can begin to heal in your mind and your emotions.

5. A lack of accountability

When making goals, you need to verbalize these goals to other people in order to have a support network around you. These people will check in with you to ensure that you are on the right track for changing your life. Without accountability we easily talk ourselves out of doing what we know needs to be done. Create an accountability network for yourself and a reward system to keep you going.

We all need to grow and change, which sometimes means starting over. Remember that you are powerful and able- just don’t fall into these five common pitfalls, and you will be sure to accomplish everything you set out to do.