When Clairsentience is Stronger Than Feelings

Clairsentience is Stronger Than Feelings

Do you ever look up at the stars and wonder what it would be liked to be out in the universe? Do you feel that the actions that you do make you have stronger feelings and that you know that something else is out there? Having a psychic gift can be intimidating but when you realize that you have these gifts for a purpose, you might see that what you feel is more than a feeling but a gift.

Understanding Clairsentience

People have feelings and sometimes these feelings are strong. But being a clairsentient is more than a feeling. Some psychics will use their gifts with tools such as crystal balls in order to get information but people that have clair gifts often don’t do this. Some of these clair gifts include:

  • Clairvoyance: means clear seeing.
  • Claircognizant: means clear knowing.
  • Clair olfaction: means clear smelling.
  • Clairsentience: means clear feeling.

The clair gifts are some of the strongest psychic gifts and you can figure out which ones are strongest for you.

Using Your Feelings for Answers

A person that is clairsentient is able to feel things differently than other people. They are able to feel things in their body and even in the spiritual world. A person with this gift is able to use their feelings to understand things in the past, present, and future. They can use their gut feeling to get information about a situation.

Clairvoyants often see images of what a person is feeling or doing while someone with the clairsentient gift will feel the feelings that others have in their own body. The sensations that a clairsentient feels is able to help them to understand things better.

People that are able to have sensations in the spirit world of tasting, feeling, hearing, smelling and more are often people that have more gifts or a variety of gifts that they use. A person that feels things in their gut often have other senses that are strong.

Is a Clairsentient an Empath?

Even though clairsentients are often more sensitive in the world around them, they have more control over their abilities. They can look at energies around them and they can understand what is going on.

A person that is an empath mostly deals with thoughts and emotions that others have. They are not always able to control these gifts and they get overwhelmed a lot because they sometimes don’t know if the emotions are theirs or someone’s around them.

You Might Be Clairsentient

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see if you are clairsentient:

  • The feelings and emotions that other have seem like your own.
  • You react in the physical when someone lies to you.
  • Strangers want to ask you for help.
  • You are balanced and calm when you are in nature.
  • You connect well with animals.
  • Sensitivity surrounds you.
  • You can think of a situation as heavy or light.
  • You get tired when you are with crowds.
  • Crowds overwhelm you.
  • Sometimes you get sick when you read the news.
  • Your mood changes depending on the people you are with.
  • You can feel pain of other people.

How to Increase Your Gifts

There are ways that you can increase your clairsentient gifts such as:


Meditating is one of the best ways that you can develop any of your gifts. Doing this can help you to be calm and help you to reach into the spiritual world.


Being mindful means that you are paying attention to what you are feeling, and you are able to separate your feelings from other people’s feelings. Remember this when thoughts come to you.

Increasing with Tools

Some people with the clairsentient gifts will use different tools to help them develop their gifts faster. Here are some of the best tools:

  • Crystals: Crystals such as the Dumortierite, Tourmaline or the Clear Topaz can help you to open up your third eye and have a stronger sense of what is going on around you.
  • Tarot, Angel, or Oracle Cards: These cards can help you to understand the feelings that you are having and to increase your intuition.

Exercises to Increase Your Clairsentient Gifts

Here are some things you can do to increase your gifts:

  • Psychic calmness: Take time to calm yourself and to let your psychic gifts rest. Everyone needs a rest here and there.
  • Photography: Look at some pictures and use your senses to find out where the picture is taken and what is going on in the picture. See if you can connect with the photograph and the environment in the picture.
  • Item connection: Find items that people have and see if you can connect with these items. Let your friends bring items to you and then pay attention to them and see if you can figure out where the item has been or who has owned it.


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