Do You Have a Clair Gifts? Find Out Now

Clair Gifts

Everyone knows about their five senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling, and tasting but some people don’t know that they have senses that are outside of the physical world.

Having a clair gift is a psychic gift and it is how people pick up information. The energies that they have help them to realize what their gifts are. Even if you have friends or people around you that don’t understand your gifts, you can understand which gifts you were born with.

Even if you were born with a gift, some people practice and train in order to develop gifts that they have. Psychic clair gifts are not taught because there aren’t any psychic schools around you.

Knowing Your Gifts

Look at the gifts that you have and what you are good at. Maybe you have no idea in what abilities you have except that you have a little gut feeling about what you are good at. You might be someone that picks up messages, but you are worried that you don’t really understand them.

Here is some information about the clair gifts:


Clairvoyance is a clair gift of clear seeing. This is a gift that psychics have that can see things in their mind or through visions. They sometimes see these things like a movie and are able to know things without real information.

Like other clair gifts, there is no order in which gifts are the best. Maybe you are someone that sees auras and you have strong intuition. A person that has this gift are able to interpret things without having any real information. They can get information from their senses in the spiritual world and not the physical world.

Knowing You Are Clairvoyant

If you answer yes to any of these, you are probably clairvoyant:

  • You can see images in your mind that give you messages.
  • You learn by seeing instead of hearing.
  • You are a visual kind of person.
  • You actually see words.
  • Sometimes you see a flash in your peripheral vision, but nothing is there.
  • You are artistic.
  • You are a creative person.


Clairsentience is a person that is able to feel things. This is called clear feeling. They are able to know what someone is thinking and feeling and are often very sensitive. These people sometimes have a hard time knowing if what they are feeling is their own or someone else’s feelings or thoughts.

As they practice, a person with this gift will be able to learn to decipher and not get stuck in other energies or problems. You can help others, but it is important to not let it backfire on you or getting sick when you get involved too deeply in their emotions.

Knowing You Are Clairsentient

If you answer yes, you are probably clairsentient:

  • You have strong emotions.
  • You pick up emotions of others or are empathic.
  • You feel energy when you enter a room.
  • Sometimes your emotions are strong when you watch television.
  • You can tell where an object has been by holding it.


Claircognizance is a clair gift that means that you have clear knowing. This means that you know things, but no one has told you about the situation. You just are more aware than other people.

Knowing You Are Claircognizant

If you answer yes, you are probably claircognizant:

  • You know things before people tell you.
  • Sometimes you wake up early.
  • You tend to know when the alarm is going off.
  • Lying is something you pick up on right away.
  • You get information through being in nature or dreaming.
  • Knowing things is your motto.


Clairaudience is the clair gift of clear hearing. This means that you are able to hear things through your inner person. Sometimes this comes in the form of a voice or even music.

People have a hard time with this gift sometimes because they feel that their mind should not be able to pick up on the voices and things that they hear. When you get information, talk about it so that you can learn to trust yourself even more.

Knowing You Are Clairaudient

If you answer yes to any of these, you might be clairaudient:

  • Being around people means that you know what they are going to say.
  • You hear songs in your head.
  • Sometimes the songs you hear give you messages.
  • Sound waves relax you.
  • You hear conversations in your mind.
  • The inner voice that you have is important to you.


A person that is clairsentient is someone that is able to get information from things they smell in the spiritual world. They will smell odors or smells that come from someone that has passed away. These are not smells that are in the natural.

The smells allow them to be aware of what is going on around them. They can connect with these smells and know that the spirits are close.

Knowing You Are Clairsentient

If you answer yes to any of these, you might be clairsentient:

  • Scents remind you of people that have died that you love.
  • You are sensitive to strong smells.
  • Smells can overwhelm you or bring up your past.


Another clair gift is Clairgustance. This means clear tasting. A person with this gift is able to taste food or drinks that they aren’t physically eating. This can mean that a spirit is close to them and likes those tastes or connect with those flavors.

Knowing You Are Clairgustant

If you answer yes to these things, you might be Clairgustant:

  • Things leave a bitter taste in your mouth such as a situation or event.
  • You can taste foods without actually eating them.
  • You are sensitive to different tastes.

Clair Gifts

These are the top six clair gifts that exist. You can find out which gift you have by looking at the lists above.

Make sure that you are being present and focused when you try to understand your giftings. You can ground yourself and make sure that you are connected to the universe. Let go of things in your life that have brought you pain and don’t let your past, present or future hold you back.

Focus on Gifts

Here are some ways that you can focus on your own personal gifts:

  • Reference books and find out what your intuition is telling you.
  • Try and read the back of playing cards and see if you can guess what card you are holding.
  • Use Magic Eye books to try and see things that are hard to see.
  • Talk to your pet or to trees and see if you know what they are feeling.
  • Make a dream journal.
  • Meditate and balance your chakras.

Stay Balanced

Make sure that you are staying balanced by eating foods that are healthy for you. Drink a lot of water and say connected to nature. Go for a walk in the grass or play with an animal.

Say positive things and make sure that you are thankful for what you have. You can even write out a gratitude journal to show the universe that you appreciate what you have. Always trust yourself.

Let Your Gifts Out

Don’t rush into finding your gifts. Work hard practicing if you want to build up on your gifts. You can work on your clair gifts, and it will make you more aware of what is going on around you.

Once you know your gift, be happy and keep exploring it deeper. Talk to a psychic and let them guide you if you need help.