7 Methods to Spiritually Protect Yourself and Guard Your Energy

piritually Protect Yourself and Guard Your Energy

Protecting yourself from people who drain your energy is important for your personal well being.  Thankfully, psychic self-defense is not difficult to day and you can take instantaneous steps today that will improve the quality of your life.

Frequently people who we refer to as psychic vampires drain people unknowingly.  They are souls who are hurting so deeply that they manipulate others into sharing their beneficial energy.  Unfortunately, these energy vampires may use fear-based logic such as guilt, embarrassment, anger, profound sadness and even intimidation to gain access to your higher vibrations.  No matter how intense these interactions can feel at the time, you always have the power of freewill to protect your spiritual well being.  If you feel like you are under psychic attack you can control the situation by walking away and practicing more psychic self-defense.  This does not mean the other person is bad, they are hurting and lack awareness of their actions.

Psychic Defense Method 1:  Cone of White Light

This is a commonly used protection in which one is enveloped by pure white light.  This light is giving out of love by the Divine and will ensure you feel safe and nurtured by this purifying vibration.  The color white serves to purge toxicity and raise vibrations ensure only positivity reaches our spiritual field.

Begin by seeing a pool of light on the ground below you.  Step into the pool, feel the love and peace radiating from it.  Take your hands and begin to comb this light over your legs, and continue working upwards until you reach the top of your head.  Ensure your whole body is coated with this wonderful essence.  Allow it to solidify knowing that you can see out, but nothing negative can touch you.

Psychic Defense Method 2: Blue Bubble

Less common than the white light, this practice gives us a psychic shield meant to reflect negativity, thus preventing us from experience its full effects.  Blue is connected to the throat chakra and governs one’s will power.  This bubble can be used to strengthen the impact of white light to create maximum protection.

Envelop yourself in this bubble prior to going out into a large crowd and is especially useful for people especially sensitive to energy exchange.  This shield will help you feel more empowered to be present in large social gathering without taken on the energetic emission of others.  You might also choose to cast this bubble onto a person being especially negative to calm their toxic utterances.  This is mean to be sent with love, compassion and sincere concern for the person’s state of being.  Hopefully once in the bubble they can feel the impact of their negativity on others and begin to do vital self-healing.

Psychic Defense Method 3: Body Awareness

Have you notice when you don’t feel at ease you cross your arms or legs?  When one crosses themselves, it serves to guard key chakra points.  The next time you are around a negative individual check your body posture.  If you are closely yourself off in anyway its time to leave the room, otherwise you risk getting your energy drained further.

Psychic Defense Method 4: Mirrors

Visualize a mirror facing outward to ensure energy is reflected away from you and either up to the sky or down to the ground.  This way if someone is directing an attack in your direction you can use this surface to diffract the negative energy away from you and sent back to the Universe which can then purify this pain.

Psychic Defense Method 5: Salt

Ideally when casting this protecting you should use natural salt like kosher or sea salt.  These salts of the earth will absorb toxicity and help ground it as well as pull it away from you if you have absorbed any ill will.  Three ways to use salt include the following:

a) Pour some salt into a small plate or glass and leave it inconspicuously in a high-traffic area of your home or work.  This will absorb negativity.  Toss the salt outside or flush it down the drain monthly or after a key argument/fight.

b) Add salt to your next bath to purge the negativity from your body.  It can also be helpful to add baking soda to encourage new and positive energy flow.

c) Mix salt into a spray bottle with spring or mineral water.  Spritz a mist in the air after a disagreement or following a large gathering.  You should quickly notice the environment will feel lighter and more refreshed.  You can also couple this spray with a sage smudging ritual.

Psychic Defense Method 6: Totems

The belief in protective symbols can be a powerful deterrent to energy vampires.  The symbol you use can be a healing tonic for your subconscious and infuse you with a renewed sense of purpose and empowerment.  Holy symbols such as a cross, Star of David, crescent moon or pentacle are especially popular.

Psychic Defense Method 7: Prayers or Mantras

These reverent sayings foster positive vibrations, amplify other protections and even boost our physical well being.  This is especially true of praying following the implementation of another psychic self-defense.

When writing a mantra, it is import to use first-person and active voice.  Try creating an affirmation like the following examples.  “I receive only positive energy into my life.” “I am strong, worthy and loved.” It is essential when writing to ensure you focus on positive attributes you wish to cultivate in your life and center on being in the current period of your life.

You can also choose to beseech the Divine or angels.  Your angels and your spirit guides are eager to work with you to advance your quest for enlightenment and promote love and light throughout the universe.