Sylvia Browne Predictions and Covid-19

Sylvia Browne Predictions

Sylvia Browne is a psychic that died in 2013.  She predicted in 2020 that there would be an illness that was pneumonia like that would spread around the world that would attack the lungs and be resistant to treatment, in her book “End of Days,” that she wrote in 2008.  She also predicted that the virus would leave as fast as it came and then come again in ten years and then disappear completely.

Many people on social media believed that Browne predicted the Covid-19 outbreak and many people have shared this along social media.  Even Kim Kardashian shared these messages on Facebook believing that Browne accurately predicted the coronavirus.

Browne’s Prediction

Many people are skeptics of psychic claims and so when you look at the prediction of Sylvia Browne, it shows in her prediction that the virus would attack the lungs and the bronchial tubes and be resistant to treatment and would go as fast as it came.

Interpreting Meanings

There are a lot of things that are in this prediction that need to be broken down such as the date.  To say around 2020, this could be interpreted differently.  This could mean that the word “around” could have been added in order to make it more general which is something that many psychics do.  This could mean anywhere from the year 2017 to 2023 because all of those are “around” that time, making the prediction to be more than half a decade around.


Also, Browne predicted that the illness is a pneumonia-like illness, and the Covid-19 is not a severe pneumonia illness even though it can cause people to get pneumonia.  The truth is most people that have the symptoms of the Covid-19, up to 80% of them end up just fine.  There are two types of the coronavirus, and both affect the respiratory, but the Covid-19 is not the same as those.  Both MERS and SARS are deadlier than the Covid-19.

Pneumonia Like Illness

According to Browne, the virus will spread all around the world and will affect people in their lungs and bronchioles and will be a pneumonia-like illness.  She also showed another thing about the disease and that it is resistant to all treatments.  The Covid-19 is not resistant to all treatments, the doctors know how to treat the disease, but it is most effective to quarantine people so that they do not spread the virus.  Nothing is unique or different about the Covid-19 or it being resistant to any treatment.

Contradicting Sylvia Browne

Another thing that is being contradicted of Sylvia Browne’s predication is that the virus would leave as quickly as it has come, and the point is that the virus has not left yet.  There is an infectious disease that has a pattern of an outbreak that can affect the whole public health system.

It can take at least two weeks for the virus to even come to head in a body and if the psychic prediction was true, the disease would already be gone.  The prediction couldn’t be validated until at least 2030 when the disease prediction was made to be 10 years later.  But it is possible that we would be able to determine if the prediction was true or false after we see where the disease goes.

When Predictions Don’t Come True

There are predictions that were written in 2008 by a convicted felon and half of the predictions that were made never came true while the other half describes an infectious disease that affects the respiratory and does not line up with the Covid-19.  Around 1/6 of what Sylvia Browne said came true and the rest of the things she said were vague and not very accurate.

Remembering Sylvia Browne

Anyone who sees that her predictions were right on do not really understand the accuracy of things.  They are not able to bridge these things together.  It is important to remember her television interviews, her books and all of the predictions that she had and how vague they were.  People need to do more critical thinking and less psychic gossiping.