Signs Your Deceased Loved Ones are Reaching Out

Signs Your Deceased Loved Ones are Trying to Contact You

When a loved one passes on, it can be hard to wade through the feeling of grief, sadness, and other stages of mourning. You might be wondering why that person was taken away and where they have gone. Making sense of death is a struggle we all have to deal with and finding closure can be one of life’s greatest challenges.

If you have loved ones who have passed on, you may be wondering if there is any way to get in contact with them or if they are trying to contact you. The spirit world is very mysterious, and we don’t always know what a sign is and what is coincidence.

If you sense that your loved ones are trying to contact you from the beyond, pay attention to that sense. Making contact with your deceased loved ones isn’t easy, but it can happen. Here are the seven most common signs that your deceased loved ones are trying to contact you:

  • Rainbows: rainbows represent peace and kept promises. If you see rainbows, they are signs that your deceased loved one is at peace where they are, despite the circumstances of their death. Rainbows are a sign from the beyond that your loved ones are happy, at peace, and keeping the promises they made to you in life.
  • Feathers: feathers are a reminder from our deceased loved ones of promises they made to you while they were alive. If you find a feather, remember that person and the relationship you had with them.
  • Dragonflies: dragonflies are a reminder that we are still alive. They ground us in the natural world, providing us with a fleeting glimpse of beauty and grace. They are playful and fun, bringing a smile to our faces despite grief and mourning. Dragonflies are a reminder from our loved ones to keep smiling, despite life’s challenges.
  • Birds: birds are signs from your deceased loves ones to get your attention. If you see the same bird consistently, someone is trying to get you to pay attention. This might be a reminder to focus more on your life and your physical health. Birds are connected to life and are a reminder to stay connected to nature and life on Earth.
  • Butterflies: butterflies are another reminder to take life lightly. Butterflies are diverse, beautiful, and graceful, and can teach us many lessons on how to behave in our own lives. They represent the lighter side of life.
  • Music: different songs can be a big sign that your deceased loved one is trying to contact you. A particular song or musician might come on the radio, on your phone, or otherwise grab your attention when you’re out and about.
  • Money: money is often left in strange places by loved ones when they have passed. Men in particular seem to do this. This is your loved one’s way of saying that they are still taking care of you, even though they aren’t here anymore.


Our loved ones still want to take care of us, even when they’ve passed. If you think that your loved one is trying to contact you from beyond the grave, they might just be. Look for signs in your everyday life from your loved one- you never know who is trying to contact you.