What is Your Personality Based on Your Blood Type

Learning From Your Blood Type

There is much we can learn from our bodies. Science has discovered so much about why we are the way we are, and yet many mysteries still lie within our bodies and our brains. One interesting aspect of our bodies is our blood type. Blood keeps us alive, and our hearts pump this lifegiving substance around our bodies every second of every day.

In Japan, blood type is a determining factor of our personality and temperament. Asian culture holds blood type in high regard, using it as an important metric for understanding who someone is. Some athletes use their blood type to show them what foods are best for their diets. There is no scientific basis for your blood type affecting your personality, but it is part of who you are.

Check out the characteristics below and see if your personality fits your predicted blood type!

  • Type A blood types can be calm, reserved, and responsible. Although you can be tense under pressure and a bit obsessive, you are able to take charge of tasks and situations easily when you’re feeling your best. You are an extrovert who likes to go out and meet new people, but you can come across as uptight or uncomfortable in unfamiliar social situations. You might feel best eating an organic diet.
  • Type B blood type personalities are seen as passionate and creative. Under pressure, you might be tempted to act erratically. In social situations you listen well and empathize with others easily. You feel your best when you eat a mostly vegetarian diet. Your worst character traits are that you can be forgetful and irresponsible. At your best, you are highly creative and optimistic, although you lean toward being introverted.
  • Type AB blood type personalities are characterized as being cool, calm, and collected. Under pressure you can act irritable, although you are charming in social situations. At your worst, you can be critical and unforgiving. However, you are also rational and easy going when you feel your best. You are happiest eating a diet that includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with dairy. You aren’t bothered by social situations, but you also gain energy from time spent alone.
  • Type O blood types are characterized by confidence and determination. You can be passionate, expressive, and generous with your social time and your money. Under pressure you can be unpredictable, arrogant, and self-absorbed in social situations. Your diet should be filled with light protein, such as fish and poultry.

Does your blood type match these character traits? We’re curious to find out!