A Psychic Versus a Clairvoyant

A Psychic Versus a Clairvoyant

A psychic is someone that is able to get information from energies around them. The thing is a psychic can have many different gifts such as being a clairvoyant, but the difference is that a clairvoyant will always be a psychic.

Understanding a Psychic

Psychics are able to get information that isn’t written down or can’t be explained by science. They are able to use their psyche, which means part of the spirit, mind, or soul. The psyche is what forms a person’s traits and characteristics.

When a person is able to connect with another person’s energies without being given information, that person is a psychic. They can look into that persons life and find out about their past, present and even their future. They are able to tap into the energy field around that person.

Everything that is alive has an aura and this is the area that surrounds a person with energy. The energy will show what a person is feeling in their mind, body, and emotions. The aura has different layers that are made up of different colors depending on the emotional state of someone.

A psychic is able to feel and see the aura and they are able to know when something is going on in the spiritual world around them. People will often go to psychics to get information about themselves or about others. They seek them out so that they can get their future ready and can know if they are on the right track in life.

A psychic is able to reach into the past, present and future and to pick up answers to questions that people ask.

Understanding a Medium

A medium is a psychic that is able to get messages from and to the spiritual world. They are able to talk to people that have passed on to the other side. They can give messages to people that are seeking to know if their deceased loved one is okay or they can even give someone that is living a message from the deceased loved one.

A medium will use different gifts such as clairvoyance in order to connect with the spiritual world. They can channel information and connect with a spiritual guide, angel, or a soul.

Understanding a Clairvoyant

A clairvoyant is a psychic that has the gift of knowing things about the life of someone around them. They get information from energies, objects, places and people and they are able to use their extrasensory gifts to determine when something is going on or if something is wrong.

The word clairvoyant is a French word that means, “clear seeing,” which means that they can see clearly into the spiritual world. Sometimes a clairvoyant will have visions and pictures in their mind, or they will hear voices of the spirits. Most of the time a clairvoyant will not predict the future, but they will use their gift to answer questions and to interpret things.

What is the Difference Between a Psychic and Clairvoyant?

A psychic is different than a clairvoyant because of their gifts. A psychic and a medium can be clairvoyant but not all of them are. When a psychic uses their gift of clairvoyance, they are able to visualize things in the past, present and future.

Anyone can be a psychic and anyone can be a clairvoyant, but you have to work to develop these gifts. Just like anything else you want to be, it takes time and patience to make these gifts strong. Someone that is psychic will often use their intuition or their gut feeling to know things.

You might have strong emotions or be overly sensitive or you might be someone that picks up the feelings and emotions of someone else and that means that you are an empath and have a psychic gift. You are using your gifts to tune into the energies of someone else.

When you are clairvoyant, you might have vivid dreams. These dreams are there to show you things and to give you information. If you are having dreams, keep a journal so that you can go back and look at it later and see what information that you get.

Knowing You Are Clairvoyant

Not everyone knows that they have psychic gifts but if you are able to get information and have visions or dreams, chances are you are a clairvoyant. You might think that these things are normal, or you are just daydreaming, but the truth is that it is more than just having an imagination.

You will have signs that you are a clairvoyant such as seeing shadows, having the feelings that a spirit is close to you, or you might have dreams that are very detailed and vivid. All of these are related to your visual senses which could mean you are clairvoyant.

Some clairvoyants will see things moving out of the corner of their eyes and this can be the actual spirits that you are seeing. Don’t doubt these things.

Getting a Psychic Reading

Psychic reading is something that can change your life. You might not know if you are on the right path in your life and if you need to make a change and a psychic can help you to determine these things. How does psychic reading work?

A psychic will never check information about you online or ask one of your friends but instead, pick up your energies from around you and from the spiritual world. They are able to see your energies and they are able to look at your aura. When they do this, they can even see if you have energies that are blocked from some kind of heartbreak or some kind of loss.

A medium is able to speak to spirits and to give information to you from the spiritual world or to give the spirits information from you. If you want to connect with someone that you have lost, a medium can help you by giving you a reading.

Communicating with the Spiritual World

A medium is able to communicate with the spiritual world, but they have to develop these gifts. They have to be able to trust themselves and trust the universe. This is something that has to be practiced over and over and the person has to have strong intuition.

You must trust yourself if you think that you have a mediumship gift and learn to develop the gift instead of running from it. Your intuition will be there to tell you things and you have to make sure that you have a quiet mind so that your intuition can develop.

Some of the best psychics are able to get rid of chatter in their mind and to be able to give messages to the people seeking answers. You can meditate so that you can calm your mind, and this is how many psychics get their information.

The best thing about psychic gifts is that you are able to develop them and to make them stronger.

Using Your Intuition

Your intuition is a gut feeling, and it can give you information about whatever you are seeking. Psychic readers will use their intuition along with some other tools of divination to give you a reading that you are looking for. Whatever helps a psychic to get their information from tarot cards to pendulums, they will use.

If you are someone that seems to know that something is going to happen, you might have a psychic gift, too. You can change the future that is before you because you have free will. If you get a reading and your psychic can see things in your future, you need to take action to make sure that the thing in your future does or doesn’t come true, depending on what you want.

Pay attention to the details that your psychic gives you and make sure that you always have an open heart and an open mind when you get your own psychic reading.