Knowing if You Are a Clairvoyant

Knowing if You Are a Clairvoyant

Do you ever wonder if you are clairvoyant? If you are asking that question, then chances are that you see things that other people don’t see. Clairvoyance means having clear seeing and this is a psychic gift that allows people to see into the energies and the spiritual world without their physical eyes.

Finding Your Giftings

Maybe you were a child, and you would see things that other people wouldn’t see. This can be a natural thing, but it is something that not everyone experiences. Some children will see guardian angels or guides that come to them. Parents might not understand this, and it might be coined at your imaginary friend.

If you have a guardian that stayed close to you as a child, chances are that you could describe them even today. This might have been the start of your gifting. Maybe you tried to tell someone else about this and they didn’t believe you or they thought that you were making things up.

Developing Your Psychic Gifts

The older that you got though gave you a chance to develop your gifts. Maybe you daydreamed a lot and wondered if you were out of place where you were. You might have seen that things were still different than other people saw them.

You probably were someone that kept to themselves and would only talk to your spiritual guides. You would get wisdom from them and visions that would help you to understand what was going on. Even if you never used any tools like tarot cards, you could still connect to the spiritual world with this gift.

You probably knew that you were on this path, and you would read books or articles about psychic gifts. Then, maybe you decided that trying out some gifts could help you and you bought yourself some tarot cards, a pendulum or even took a class. Maybe you studied astrology or remote viewing. You may have even found that you had a sense of knowing things.

Chances are that you discovered that you had insight that other people didn’t have. You would read and see that you could ground yourself and increase your gifts without the help of others. Then, maybe you became a psychic yourself.

Increasing Clairvoyant Gifts

If you feel that you are clairvoyant, you probably are. You might have thoughts that just need to be developed in order for your psychic gift to really shine.

Clairvoyants use their senses from a different universe. They are able to open their third eye chakra and see things in the spirit world. This is something that allows you to see the energy and auras of all living things. It might feel like something unreal, but it is very much real.

Practice, Practice and Practice

The best way to develop your gifts is to practice. Find people in your life that will help you to practice and do it until you can’t practice anymore. Try to do a reading and then let them tell you if you were right or wrong. You might see that things are opening around you without you even realizing it.

Every time you do a reading for a friend or a loved one, it is something that allows you to open up to the spirit world. This has to be a time of trust and secrets. The secrets of the spirit world will come out to you as you do readings. Make sure you are doing readings with love and an open heart. As you do this, you can reach your enlightenement.

Lift up others and if you have messages to give to others, share them. Always ask them if you can share the messages before you give them though.

Always Remember This…

If you have never realized that you have this gift, it might be scary at first. You might wonder if you have lost your mind. The truth is that you are healthy, and you need to be balanced. You can keep practicing with others and you will see that you are right in what you say. This is all part of reaching into the spiritual world. Here are some tips that can help you to be strong and to keep developing your gifts:

  • Always meditate. This can help you to connect with the spirit world.
  • Ask your spirit guides to show you what you need to see and what you need to do.
  • Ask your guides and your angels to be with you and to keep you safe.
  • Your mind and soul are often tricked, make sure that you are careful where you let them go.
  • If people tell you that they think a psychic isn’t real, tell them that everyone has the ability to reach the spiritual world.
  • Trust yourself. If you know something, then you know it.
  • Be mindful to people and be careful what you say. Don’t make people afraid of you.
  • Ask the spirit guides to speak through you.

Connecting with the Spiritual World

There is so much that your soul can connect with. Always be thankful when you reach into the spiritual world, and you are able to read energies. As you do this work, keep working on your clair gifts. Let your clairvoyance give you peace and joy. Know that you are doing the right thing for you.

If you want to connect deeply with the spirit world, you can even take time to talk to a psychic. Ask a psychic to give you a reading and to help you connect with the spirit world for your own insight.