The Mysteries of Numerology and Decoding Number 818

Decoding the Number 818

Numerology is the idea that there is a connection between a number and events that happen in our universe. These connections and events are usually associated with the paranormal, psychic, and astrological planes. Numerology can be another way to get your questions answered about life, love, your career, your finances, and much more.

Numbers are mysterious, but there is so much we have to learn from them. In this case, decoding the number 818 has revealed a lot of information we can use in our everyday lives.

In numerology, letters in our alphabet can be equated to numbers. There are meanings to words, names, and ideas in both our letters and in the numbers those letters represent.

In numerology, the number eight is a symbol of karma and compassion. Each number in a sequence can be read individually and as part of the whole. The number one points to insight, inspiration, and creation. The number 818 can be reduced to a single number by adding them all together- this equals 17. Seven and one together are eight, which is the numerological value of the digits 818.

Number 8

The number eight has been used to symbolize infinity because of its unique and symmetrical shape. Some people call the number eight ‘the great equalizer.’ Religious texts also consider the number eight to be sacred. In Jewish tradition, the number eight is associated with an awareness of miracles. There are fires that burn for eight days during Hanukkah, and eight candles on a menorah.

Numerology and the Number 8

When you are getting a numerology reading, the number eight can symbolize success and prosperity in your life. In tarot card readings, the eighth card in the Major Arcana is strength. The number eight in tarot can also be linked to balance.


In conclusion, the number 818 is an interesting aspect of numerology. There are many connections to religion, magic, the arcana, tarot, and astrology. The number 818 seems to connect who we are with who we are going to become, an endless cycle of regeneration and balance.

If you are curious about learning more about numerology, consider getting your numerological chart read. Who knows what numbers could pop up in your life!