Being a Lightworker and Lighting Up the World

Being a Lightworker

We always need to ask people to show us respect and to take care of us when we get our gifts. We carry the light for the planet, and we need there to be a place in the planet for us and or people to be higher conscious beings.

There are beings that are strong, and they are lightworkers and they have a mission.  They carry the light in their soul and use the light to make the world a better place to live.  Most lightworkers heal and they heal people differently.

Some of the people that are lightworkers are healers and psychic people.  They work in different ways in the physical world, and they use the light inside of them to help others and they have a purpose of being together.


When the lightworkers are on a journey, they want to heal themselves and others but when the light is off, they are dark workers, and they will live in the shadows and try to find a way to be bright again.  This is a hard thing for lightworkers, but when their light is bright it will make them powerful.

All lightworkers are different and have different missions.  Their goal is to help people to find the light and most of them have energy that is balanced.  There are energies of love and energy of fears in each person but the lightworker is great at creating things with their mind that are good and full of love.

There is a unique ability to make people safe and comfortable and most people that can do this has intuitive abilities and strong gifts.  The lightworkers are sensitive to energies around them and when you meet a lightworker, you might see that they know that you are having a hard time in your life.


Sometimes you might feel misunderstood, and you might not feel like you belong to the world, and you just want to go to your real home.  Things were easily handled before and now they aren’t. Many lightworkers do not feel that they fit into this world because they are in a different class of beings.

Lightworkers don’t like the media and they just expect people to be normal.  They feel normal too and don’t understand that they don’t have the same life as others because they are very spiritual and religious.

Knowing Things

Lightworkers will hold onto their own feelings and will want to be alone.  They like to meditate and can have strong emotions at any time but meditation and being alone allows them to keep their thoughts positive and clear.

You will see that lightworkers cannot be in a place where there are a lot of people, and they feel the energies of others quickly and need to be recharged which is why they are often alone.


Some people feel invisible but lightworkers have a heart that helps them to feel things.  They will have people that will come to them to talk to them and share secrets with them.  They always have to face problems and not give judgement to others.  They can listen and they have strong wisdom that can help others to work through their problems.


Death is not fearful for lightworkers.  They want to know the real truth, and this can mean that they have diseases or have gone through hard things.

The journey has let them be acceptant and to have an open heart and be aware of other people and the problems that they have went through.

The lightworker does not have a job to change anyone, just to accept people for who they are and try to help them through their problems.