Finding the Right Person

Finding the Right Person

What does it mean to find the right person at the right time?  What that means is that you are finding someone in your life that would seem like a perfect fit and you would naturally go together perfectly.  This would be like having sunshine and beautiful flowers in your life and would cause you to feel full of life and bright.

You have to realize that finding true love and the right person is something that cannot be rushed.  You cannot just rush into a relationship and think that you will break the rules of the universe and you will find the perfect person. Just because you think that the time is right and you are ready for it, the universe might not agree.  The universe knows who to send and when and all you have to do is learn to trust what it has to give you.

The universe will always look out for you and take care of you.  They know that you want to be with that special person, and they know who that person is.  The universe will never send that person too early and will never send that person too late, either.

Why does the universe take its time?  The universe makes decisions that will make sure that you are in the right spot in your life before sending you the perfect person. Sometimes when you have another person in your life, you might have a bigger struggle and have a harder time finding the perfect person.

Where Are We?

We have to pay attention to where we are in life and what path we are on.  The moment that we forget this is the moment that we will see our life go downhill and we will see troubles.  If we keep doing what the universe wants us to do, we will be rewarded and we will find the right person, at the exact right time.


We might come to the point where we are low and have no relationships in sight.  We might feel unhappy and lonely and this can make us feel that life is giving us trouble.  The universe knows what you are feeling and knows that you need relationships that you can communicate in and share your feelings and thoughts with.  This is when you would wait for your individual that will be perfect in your life.


The universe will want to teach us lessons along the way and as we go further into our life, we will have different things that we want to do. When we struggle with our path, we will have a harder time finding our perfect person, but this is all just learning lessons.  These lessons can be hard, and we might not like them, but they will make us better people.  There will be teachers, people and friends that will come in our life to help us and one of them might turn out to be your person.


Everyone will hit some type of stop while they are growing.  When the universe sends someone in your life that can grow with you, the future of your life will be better.  They will impact you for the good.

Having Boundaries

We sometimes take ourselves for granted and we have to step back and stop making everything about us.  The universe would get tired of us not taking care of ourselves to take care of others and would eventually send someone that can help to tear you down.  We will then learn that we need boundaries and how important they are.  We need to have boundaries in our life even if they don’t seem perfect.  In time perfection comes.


The most important thing of all is healing.  Healing happens when we are hurting or sick.  We need to have healing rituals to help take care of us and the universe will send people in your path that can help you with this. The universe knows what you need and will be on your side so you can have healing with mental and physical health.

Keep your head up and make sure that you pay attention to what is going on around you.  Eventually you will find the right person, and this will be at the perfect time.

If you have already met someone that you know is right for you then you know what this article means, and you know that you never have to settle for less than perfect.  Let the universe help you.