Clairsentient or Telepathic, the Voices You Hear

Clairsentience and Telepathy

Clairsentients and hearing mediums are able to hear other individuals’ thoughts under the right environment and the right situations.

When used in communication with the spirit realm it is known as clairsentience, and when used with others in this realm it is known as telepathy.

If you can hear other individuals’ thoughts and think it’s intruding into your everyday life, you will need to clear your energy using either grounding mediation or protection mediation that you can learn about here or even by watching YouTube videos online.

The fact that you can hear sounds coming from another individual’s field does not mean you can control it but can control the way that it impacts you. It can be very distracting to hear other people’s thoughts. Therefore, it is important to learn how to block it so that you can turn it off when need be.

Clearing Meditation

If you do clearing meditations at least once a day you will be keeping the unnecessary voices away. If you keep hearing them from the same person or spirit and you don’t like this, then you should consider cutting ties with that person. This temporarily stops the connection you have with that individual. You will not be able to hear from them and won’t feel their energy, at least for a while.

Clearing meditation helps you to keep your mind chatter calm and to lessen the voices that you hear. You can do this by sitting in a quiet place for around 10-30 minutes and focus on your breathing. Allow your mind and your body to remain calm and make sure that you are allowing yourself a chance to relax and to get rid of the voices that you are hearing.

Your Gifting

You are not alone in this gifting and even if you aren’t quite sure, it is not bad to hear other individuals’. Those who have this gift are able to hear positive things about themselves and this is the best experience ever. It’s advisable also to have this ability before meeting new people as you will be able to see what they think about you.

First Impressions

Some people refer to them as first impressions. They are always not right because they have fear and this can block their impression from coming through clearly. Finally, it’s possible to sense an oncoming thought of someone in and around your energy field.


The problem with hear voices is that when it gets out of hand it can be distracting. Nevertheless, you can clear your mind to focus and there are positive impacts of it such as paying attention to the good things others think about you, knowing what someone’s emotions are that accompany these thoughts and if you are open, you can learn so much about different individuals. This is what clairsentience is and it is a sister to clairaudience.