Creative Crystals to Bring Peace to Your Workplace

Creative Crystals

If you want to boost how creative you are and increase the energies in your workplace, try to keep these different crystals close to your workstation or even in your own pocket.


The Aventurine crystal helps to bring about creativity and luck and prosperity.  You can use this to take away stress and anxiety out of the workplace and to help keep you calm and bring you success.

Black Tourmaline

People have trouble keeping their attention while working but the Black Tourmaline can help to ground you and give you power and balance while working hard


Citrine is a stone that is yellow and can bring about energy and self-expression.  This stone can help to bring you success.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a stone that protects you from being afraid and helps you to reach your goals.  If you are doubtful, you need this stone to give you courage.


This blueish green crystal helps to clear your mind and your environment at work.  This can stimulate the chakras and give your yin and yang balance.  This eliminates gender problems that people often face on their job.


Having a purple amethyst works with the Third eye chakra by allowing you to increase your vibrations.  If you have a lot of emotions, the Amethyst can help you to communicate better and can bring you calmness.


The best stone to clear negative energy is the Selenite stone.  This can stimulate your mind and your surroundings and can be a favorite stone for you to have at your workplace.