Having a Spirit Visitation Dream for a Happy Life

Spirit Visitation Dream

The deceased commonly communicate through dreams because people are in a more open state while dreaming. In our waking hours, our minds have a specific acceptance of reality and limits our perceptions, but in our dreams, reality and beliefs often disappear. This leaves anything to be possible, including the departed making contact.

Qualities of Dream Visitation

Not every dream of a deceased person is an actual visitation. Much of the time these dreams are about sorting through personal thoughts and fears, but you can learn to tell the difference. To determine whether a dream is an after-death visitation or not, look for these defining qualities.

  • Seems more realistic than other dreams
  • The dream events happen in what would be a logical sequence
  • You hold a full conversation with the deceased, listening and talking
  • The dream is more vivid and memorable
  • A positive tone of hope and love are set
  • A strong memory of the dream is kept after waking, including a feeling it was important

When we want something, we must ask for it and this can include dreams. If you have not had a visitation dream and want one, ask. Ask the loved one you wish to speak with to visit or communicate in the dream. Be as specific as possible in your request. Even if it doesn’t happen the first time, keep trying each night. When it does happen, write down every detail when you awake and keep a detailed journal.

Healing Through Dreams

Visitation dreams can offer closure and healing with those who have passed on. For many, simply seeing the person is healing and the ability to communicate deepens that feeling. In fact, after death communication can give new confidence to the dreamer about life after death. This can make it feel like no one ever really dies and that they just move on to another realm.