Loving and Opening Up Your Heart Chakra

Loving with Your Heart Chakra

You can use your heart chakra in order to realize your psychic abilities.  The funny thing is, is that all relationships are based on some type of energy.  When you like someone, the energy begins vibrating at a higher frequency and that is why it makes you feel good and makes you want to spend time with who you love.  This is because your personal energies catch on fire, and they cause you to feel more energized and empathetic to each other.  This can cause both of you to be more vulnerable and open.

In order to reach a higher level of intimacy though, you both have to allow yourselves to be vulnerable and at the same time to be safe and your heart chakra can help your heart to be healthy and open in love situations.

The heart chakra is the place where you feel love, forgiveness, empathy, and anything else that is good and caring.  The heart chakra connects with the body so that you can connect with other people.  This most important thing is when it has to do with romance or energies of the yin and yang.  There are three chakras of the lower body and three upper spiritual chakras.

When your heart chakra is healthy you will give love and not be afraid to get love.  You will forgive others and yourself easily and you will work towards having compassion and harmony with others.  When your heart chakra is unbalanced, you will be afraid and feel unstable.  You might find that you are angry and that you have physical problems as well, such as high blood pressure.

When your heart chakra is not working correctly, there are different ways that you can balance these energies.  You have to have self-love in order to balance your heart chakra.  You have to treat your own self like a child that is loved, and you have to make people treat you correctly and treat yourself that way as well.

If you can imagine how a child that is treated poorly would feel, you would know that if this was part of your life that you would do everything you could to remove them from that situation.  You would try to protect them.  You have to learn to protect yourself and remove yourself from situations where things are negative and where there is a situation where you are not treated properly.  Once you learn to love and protect yourself, you will be balancing your heart chakra and you will be able to get energy that is full of love, from other people.

Each day, you need to get rid of any negative feelings that you have for others.  If you are jealous or angry inside of yourself, you have to learn to release it.  Instead of holding on to anger and worrying about fear and about rejection, you have to get into a habit of giving some of yourself to everyone you see.

You can give yourself by smiling or by complementing someone.  Say good words about them to the universe and if someone has done you wrong, forgive them.  Get over past hurt.

When you meditate, focus on your heart.  Focus on your heart beating and imagine that you are using your heartbeat to send out love to everyone you know and maybe even people you don’t know.  You can also try yoga to open up your heart chakra.  There are different poses that you can do to open up your heart and this can be the camel, bridge, cow face or more.  There are also different colors such as green that will help to open your heart chakra.  Wear green, put plants in your home or carry green crystals.

When you are balancing your energies, you need to note all of the joy that is coming out with it.  You might see that you are beginning to love people more and that you are becoming more emotional.

With your emotions comes empathy and you will become more empathetic to people and will care about their feelings.  This is not a part of voodoo, this is just increasing your positive energy and helping it to show love to everyone.  You can talk to your psychic if you feel that you need help opening up your heart chakra.


You should make sure that your heart chakra is healthy and balanced and have your partner do the same.  As you both open up your heart, you will see that you can communicate healthier, and your intimacy level will grow.  You will even have less arguments because you will overall be happier.