Is it Smart to Date Your Best Friend?

Dating Your Best Friend

Love can come from unexpected places. We can find ourselves seeing an old friend in a new light after years of knowing them or catch a glimpse of a stranger and know that they are who we are meant to spend the rest of our life with. If you have a best friend and you think you may be falling in love with them, here are a few things to know before you dive in.

There is a level of risk that comes with telling your best friend that you want something more. There are many reasons why you could feel romantically towards your best friend including that you spend a lot of time together, they know you and accept you, and they have loved you through the ups and downs of friendship. However, if they don’t reciprocate your feelings, you may risk losing that friendship.

When we find a new friend, we often have similar personalities to one another. We can have similar energies that cause us to be comfortable, content, and have fun around one another. Friends can grow alike over time, and it makes the friendship seem easier.

Our romantic partners can be contrasting to us. Biologically we attract a mate that complements our personality by balancing out strong character traits. Partners who are different from one another grow and change differently, allowing the relationship to evolve together. These differences can be what makes a relationship last over the years.

A relationship built between two best friends can be healthy, dynamic, and wonderful to participate in and be around. However, you might also find that you are simply too similar to one another, and that after the initial spark and passion, you aren’t meeting each other’s needs anymore.

A relationship with your best friend might be easy to fall into but it is important to examine your motivations. Are you bored, or have you been single for a while? Sometimes relationships between two romantic partners are special because they require a bit more work, love, and attention to make things right.

In the end, there is no right or wrong answer to whether or not you should date your best friend. Think on your decision, talk it over with a trusted friend or family member, and follow your heart. Who knows, true love might blossom after all.

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