Find Your Spirit Animal and Its Meaning for Your Life

Find Your Spirit Animal

Animals are incredible beings. They are smart, creative, and display characteristics that seem undeniably human. We have many lessons we can learn from the animals around us, from those that live in the wild to those in our own homes.

Animal totems are special guides that can be used as a method of self-discovery, self-expression, and a symbol of awareness of ourselves and the roles we play in the world around us. Each person has an animal that they relate to in character, behavior, and qualities.

Knowing your animal totem and engaging with its meaning can help foster moments of reflection, create a sense of self, and allows you to take time to really engage with who you are and what you want to become.

Each animal totem has its own cycle of power. This cycle has moments where the animal totem is the most powerful and is able to send messages and energy to you. All animal totems can send messages to you during each phase of their power cycle, but they are stronger at certain points.

Some of us already have a connection to an animal; it may be one that fascinated you as a child, or an animal that has come up consistently in your life. Pay attention to the animals around you; are some coming up more than others? Is there a particular animal you relate to, or find yourself drawn to? This may be your animal totem. Animal totems, or animal spirit guides, can also come to you in dreams or visions during meditation.

If you have an animal in mind, read into the meaning behind these animals. See if you can relate to how they behave, socialize, and define themselves. So often we miss the lessons we can learn from animals because we are caught up in our human lives. If you find that your animal totem is one you didn’t expect, dive in to find out why. You never know what you can learn from the animal that has been revealed to you.

You might find your animal totem during times of crisis, challenge, or when you are faced with a tough decision. These moments are when you should be paying attention to the animals in your life for signs and messages that they might be trying to send you. This awareness can allow you to pick up on subtle signs from the spirit world, in addition it can allow you to have insight into future and to get signs and messages.

If you’re curious about what your animal totem could be, read on! There is so much information available for people who want to find their spirit animal and connect with these beautiful creatures that we have so much to learn from.