Different Types of Intuition & How to Discover Yours

Different Types of Intuition

Everyone has judgements and sees situations in different ways, but how do you know if you make the right choices or not?

You might know someone that always seems to be ahead of things. They can tell what you are feeling, know when something bad is going to happen or they will take risks that others would not.

These people seem to be able to tell by their gut feeling when something is going to happen, and it seems like they are never wrong. Most people, even more than 80%, make decisions based on their gut feelings, according to a survey. They will anticipate things in their life, their relationships and in their careers.

Those that follow their feelings in careers will try to figure out what is needed and will have solutions for those in the workplace.

Types of Intuition

There are different types of intuition and even some people have researched the way that people make decisions. Some will make snap judgements and others are people that use clues that they gather to decide on the things around them and what is going to happen.

Observers and Questioners

Some people are considered observers and they pay attention to things while questioners will make judgements only after they ask questions. They do not just ask one or two, but they seem to go around trying to find evidence and pick up on cues.


Empathizers are people that will talk about their problems and will try to figure out why the problem is there and where it comes from. This kind of person is often an empath because they are making their decisions based on their emotions.


Adapters are people that are like fortune tellers. They give you the best advice and they know that when you do not listen to them that you will struggle or make bad decisions.

Knowing Your Style

It is important to know what kind of intuition that you have. You can use your sixth sense to know what kind of actions you have and to know what to do.

Inner Voice

When you have different levels of intuition, you have to learn to figure out what style you are. Here are some ways that you can figure out your style of intuition:


You need to pay attention to your inner voice and when you do this, you are looking at your intuition. If you look at your past experiences and think of times when you had red flags and you ignored them, you will see that you were missing your intuition the whole time.


Learn to ask questions and figure out what is going on in your life. When you want to make a big decision, you need to take time to figure out if it is the right choice.

Ask questions that will cause you to really have to think. Take time to think of what is going on so that you can learn to listen to your gut.


Stop listening to what your head is telling you and take more time to listen to your gut. Figure out what you are feeling in your body and emotions when you make a decision on something.


Look at things in your life and think about how you can get in touch with who you are. Figure out if you are always making strategies or if you want to know what is going on. Are you inspired to make decisions before you go to bed or when is the best time for you?


Pay attention to what is going on in your life and you can figure out what kind of intuition style that you have. This will help you to know how to develop your gift and to be stronger in who you are.