Choosing a Psychic or Medium to Do My Reading?

Do I Choose a Psychic or a Medium?

When you want to go to a reading, but you are not sure if you should see a psychic or a medium, this guide can help you to know which might be best for you. If you are going to a reading, you need to know what you want out of the reading. All mediums are psychics but not all psychics are going to be mediums.

When you want some answers in your life or about your journey, going to a psychic or a medium can help you.

Here are some things that your psychic can focus on for you:

  • What is going wrong in my love life?
  • Am I going to have children in my future?
  • Do you see me getting married in the future?
  • What kind of changes are coming in my life?
  • What can I do to be on the right path?

All of these questions can help you to make wise decisions but make sure that you are talking to a psychic that is known and has a good reputation. Sometimes there are people that claim to be psychics and they are only out to get your money. Always look at the reviews and the ratings when choosing a psychic for the first time.

Psychics can see what is going on when you are talking to them, but your future is full of free will and so things can change. We all have the option to change our minds and so the situations can also change.

Some people ask about a boyfriend but later in life they change their mind about who they are with and so the reading might not end up with the same future that you end up living.

A medium can listen and read the energies that are around you, but a medium can also talk to those that have passed on to the next life. A medium specializes in talking to loved ones and animals that have passed on.

The medium is there to give you peace and to reveal messages that are sent from your loved ones in the spirit world.

All mediums are not going to be the same and just like finding a psychic, make sure that you choose a medium that is known and that has good customer ratings. A medium should be there to bring peace and healing to your life.

A good medium should be able to sit with you and allow you to know what your loved ones are trying to tell you and let you connect with them. They will be able to communicate with you about the relationship.

When you go to a medium, chances are they will be able to tell you who is coming to your session. They will describe the person that wants to talk to you and will give you as many details as they can about what they are seeing. This will give you evidence that they are talking to your loved one or pet.

The reading should also include memories of you with your loved one. They should be able to tell you about past events or about something that will make you know that you are talking to the right spirit. These kinds of readings can be very emotional.

The medium that you go to should ask the spirit to tell them that they are close and to show them signs that they are present with you. They should know what the spirit is doing and information about what they have been doing recently.

These readings can be emotional and painful, but it is good pain. This is the kind of pain that brings healing and that lets you know that your loved ones are close to you and that they love you.


Depending on what you are wanting out of your reading will depend on if you want to choose a medium or a psychic. Take time to figure out what you want before you make a decision and then do your research on the medium or psychic you choose.


  1. While I appreciate the intended guidance, the article doesn’t address the skepticism many of us hold. There should have been more discussion on how to critically evaluate the credibility of these so-called psychics and mediums, beyond just ‘good reviews’.

  2. The distinctions made between a medium’s ability to communicate with loved ones versus a psychic’s focus on general life guidance are well explained. It helps in understanding what to expect from each type of reading.

  3. This article offers a clear distinction between psychics and mediums. It’s helpful to know that all mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums. Knowing what you want from a reading can indeed guide your choice more effectively.

  4. Oh, please. The article makes it sound like a good psychic or medium is an essential life coach. If you need to pay someone to tell you about your future love life or career, you’re better off investing in self-help books or actual therapy.

  5. I find it quite amusing how people still fall for these scams in the 21st century. ‘Make sure to choose a psychic with good reviews’—seriously? This isn’t a Yelp review for a restaurant! People need to use their intellect and avoid wasting money on such charlatanry.

  6. The detailed description of what a medium does during a session is quite informative. Knowing that a medium can provide evidence through personal memories can be very reassuring for someone seeking emotional closure.

  7. This article provides an excellent, nuanced comparison between psychics and mediums. It’s crucial for individuals seeking guidance to understand the differences and align their needs with the right professional. I appreciate the emphasis on doing thorough research and choosing practitioners with good reputations and high ratings. This advice can safeguard people from falling prey to frauds, ensuring their spiritual journey is both enlightening and genuine.

  8. This is a well-rounded guide for those who are new to the world of psychic readings. It’s very informative and sheds light on the different aspects one should consider before choosing between a psychic and a medium. It’s crucial to know what you want to gain from the experience beforehand, and this article lays out the details comprehensively.

  9. The guidance on ensuring the reputation of the psychic or medium you choose is crucial. Since the industry has its share of frauds, checking reviews and ratings can help avoid unpleasant experiences.

  10. I found the point about free will affecting future predictions quite insightful. It’s a good reminder that future outcomes can change based on our decisions, making psychic readings more about guidance than certainty.

  11. The distinction between psychics and mediums is important but often overlooked. It’s imperative that individuals understand who they are seeking advice from and for what reason. All mediums might be psychics, but their unique ability to communicate with the deceased can offer a profoundly different experience.

    • I agree, Frodo. The nuances between psychics and mediums are significant and can drastically influence the outcome of the reading. It’s about finding the right fit for one’s specific needs.

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