Do You Want Him? Give Him Space

Give Him Space

There is a chance that if you’re reading this article right now that you have someone that you’re very interested in, but he might not know it or he might not be noticing your advances. Women sometimes have a hard time knowing what to do and where things stand with the guy that they like. This can happen the way things are now and sometimes men will be rude or will ghost women instead of saying what they want or what they think.

If you want to make him fall for you then you might need to stop talking to him or trying to see him and give him some space. If he thinks you’re needy or overly clingy then you are ruining things before they have a chance to start.

Here are some things you can do to make him want you!

  • Hang Out with Other People

Give a man a chance to come after you and do this by hanging out with other people. This will work great if you spend time with other guys. Of course, this can work in one of two ways. He might decide that you’re taken and not pursue you or he might get jealous and decide that he wants to be with you.

Spending time with other guys will show him that you aren’t just about him and that you aren’t desperate. This will give him a chance to contact you and to make plans to be with you or to tell you how he feels.

Don’t spend too much time with other guys unless you’re interested in dating them because you don’t want to use them either. Make sure that you’re spending just enough time with other guys that he notices.

  • Find New Hobbies

Another great way to make a guy look at you differently is to find hobbies and things to do that you enjoy. He will see that you are living your own life. Giving him space to realize that there are other things that you enjoy besides just him is one way to get his attention.

Go to the gym, read some books, or find a club to join. When you do this then you will show him that you can live a happy life whether he is there or not. You don’t want to make him think that he is the only things that you are focused on. Instead, focus on your hobbies and do things that make you smile.

  • Don’t Respond Fast

It can get easy to be someone that responds fast and that is always responding when you like someone. You have to do things differently than you are doing them now if you want him to notice you.

Instead of messaging him back right away, just try to be indifferent. Respond to him whenever you get around to it and don’t be overly excited. Say something like, “oh that’s neat,” when he tells you something.

If he leaves a message, don’t leave one back right away. At the same time, you don’t need to always act like you aren’t interested at all or he won’t think that you like him anymore.

It can be hard to not text him back immediately, but you have to give him a chance to chase after you. Once you get to the point where you see that he is responding to you more, you can start responding back quicker. If you don’t give him a chance to make an effort, then he isn’t going to see you as someone he wants to pursue. You will be surprised how well this works.

  • Talk About Your Day

Let him know that you have had the best day ever even if he wasn’t part of it. If he texts you, tell him that you’re busy having fun and you’ll message him later. Make him think that you’re too busy to talk to him right now.

Tell him later about your day and make sure that you are excited and that you are telling him how great things were. Make him see that you are living your best life.

  • Change Your Looks

You don’t want to be egotistical but changing your looks for the better can get his attention. Let him see that you have had your hair done or that you’re working out and getting a great body. By giving him space to chase after you, doing small things to turn him on can make a big difference.

When you see him, wear something sexy and be confident. Men love confidence on a woman. Post on social media your pictures and make him see that you have made a change for the better. This will get his attention and it will also make him wonder if he needs to change to get you to notice him now.

  • Reach Your Goals

Set goals in your life and work to be the best that you can be. No matter what kind of relationship that you’re in you should be working to live your best life. As you do this, you can see that you have a lot to offer people around you.

Find things that you’re passionate about and focus on yourself. He will notice that you’re doing this, and he will become more interested in the things that you’re doing. As you set your own goals and you show him that you have a lot of goals, he will be respectful of that and you.

  • Don’t Be Around

Instead of always being around when this guy needs you, stop doing that. Don’t be available when he calls or texts or when he needs something. You can even try to avoid him for a little bit so that he wonders what you’re doing. Here are some things you can do:

    • Tell him how busy you are and that you aren’t free for the day.
    • Be out of reach when he asks you to do something.
    • Don’t show up at the places he frequently goes.

When you are unavailable for him, he will see that you are not as close in reach as he thought, and this will peak his interest in you. This will keep you from seeming needy.

  • Make Him Feel Important

When you do finally get together again, make sure that you make him feel that he is important to you. This will make him know that you think about him even if you’re living your best life. Don’t bring up things that are too serious and let him see that you’re having fun.

  • Making Other Plans

If he calls and asks you out, make him wait. Let him see that you have other people in your life and that you have other plans. You might do this and think that he is going to go away, but the truth is that this will make him want to chase after you.

Don’t be afraid to let him try and get you back noticing him because that is the whole point.

  • Don’t Give in to Bad Behavior

When you give him space, make sure that you have goals and boundaries. You don’t want to set up a situation where you’re going to give into his bad behavior. If he is always calling you late at night for sex, don’t answer. If he is always asking you out but you pay, stop doing that. Make him respect you and show you that he cares.

  • Set Boundaries

If you feel like he is using you, make sure that you have boundaries. You don’t want him to be taking advantage of you. Let him make the first move in the relationship and don’t let him realize how excited you are when he asks you to do something.

Give him space and let him respect you and let him show signs that he is interested in you.

  • Show a Little Interest

Instead of being head over heels for him, only show a little bit of interest in him. If you wonder why he doesn’t like you or why he isn’t into you, it could be because you’re the one that is always pursuing him.

It’s time to allow him to have the upper hand in pursuing you and to give him space to be able to make a move towards you. You will see that you can flirt with him and make him realize you’re interested without going too far with it.

  • Be Confident

Don’t see him at least two nights in a row that he asks you. By doing this, he will want to see you more and more. Give him space and make him work hard to realize who you are and what a catch you are. If you play your cards right, then you will see that he can’t stop thinking about you and that he is going to come after you.

Be confident in who you are and let him realize that he needs you and he wants you by giving him space.

  • Be Friendly

Even though you might not be responding as much, make sure that you’re being kind and friendly when you do. You don’t want him to think that you aren’t interested but you also don’t want him to think that you’re too interested in him.

Make your own space and start living your best life and he will see that he might want to be a part of it.

  • Tell Him What You Want

He might want to just have a little bit of you and its time to put your foot down on that. Tell him what you want and that you’re going to give him space until you get that. Be forward with what you want from him and that you aren’t going to let him treat you any way that he wants. Tell him what you expect out of a relationship and what you want and if he can’t give you that then move on without him.

Final Thoughts

All relationships are going to be different, but you need to make sure that you’re in one where you’re going to get the love and respect that you deserve. Don’t be someone that gets stuck in a bad relationship just because you don’t want to stand up for yourself.

Make him have space that will allow him to see who you are and that you’re important. He will see that he wants and needs you and you will be able to show him that you love yourself and that you can live your best life with or without him.


  1. The guidance here underlines the importance of having a fulfilling personal life outside of romantic pursuits, which is certainly beneficial. Nevertheless, striking a balance between self-sufficiency and clear communication can help in establishing deeper connections.

  2. These tips appear to focus on creating a sense of independence and self-worth, which can indeed be attractive qualities. However, it’s also crucial to foster open and honest communication with any potential partner.

  3. While the advice given promotes self-development and may help in attracting attention, one should be cautious not to play excessive ‘games’ with emotions. Genuine connections often arise from sincerity and mutual interests.

  4. This article seems to suggest tactics that could make one more appealing by appearing less available. Although independence is a key trait, it’s important to balance it with nurturing healthy communication and understanding in any budding relationship.

  5. The strategies mentioned here seem to emphasize self-improvement and self-reliance, which are important aspects of any relationship. However, it might be worth discussing the dynamics of mutual respect and communication in relationships as well.

  6. While the strategies outlined in this article may seem pragmatic on the surface, it is crucial to recognize the underlying implications of such behavior. Encouraging a ‘cat-and-mouse’ dynamic perpetuates unhealthy power imbalances in relationships. Genuine connections are built on mutual respect and open communication, not manipulative tactics. By suggesting that women should make themselves less available or change their appearances to attract a man’s attention, we risk reducing the value of authentic self-expression and individual agency. True affection should arise from honest interactions where both parties feel seen and appreciated for who they genuinely are, not because one has strategically engineered desire.

  7. This article offers an insightful perspective on relationship dynamics. It is particularly effective in highlighting the importance of self-confidence and personal growth, rather than focusing solely on the pursuit of someone else’s affection. By encouraging women to engage in hobbies, set goals, and maintain their independence, the article underscores the value of leading a fulfilling life irrespective of one’s romantic interests. This approach not only promotes self-respect but also naturally attracts genuine interest from others.

  8. This article provides a compelling strategy for fostering attraction while maintaining one’s dignity and self-respect. It emphasizes the importance of personal growth and independence, which are critical in establishing a healthy dynamic in a relationship. The advice on setting boundaries and not succumbing to bad behavior is particularly valuable, as it underscores self-worth and the necessity of mutual respect. Overall, these insights are not just about making someone fall for you, but about nurturing a balanced and fulfilling relationship.

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